Winter Skin Survival Guide



With winter (hot ?) on our heels, it’s time to crack down on your skin care routine! Developing a daily habit that promotes healthy winter skin - will undoubtedly leave you soft and supple from limb to limb! The success of such a routine starts with keeping it simple - if you set yourself up for an 18 step plan, within a week I promise your determination will dwindle. My go to steps are outlined below - all 5 elements cover inside and out! Begin by giving your skin a daily cleanse - we could all use a little clean + fresh binge! Follow up your cleanse with a moisture effective lotion and VOILA: you’re attacking the feared Winter Skin Destroyer in a wide-strided motion. Curél’s new Rough Skin Rescue is just what I need in times like these. There’s nothing like tackling all matters at once - and Curel does JUST that (even for us sensitive-skinned ones). Hydration, exfoliation and smoothing sans irritation - it’s practically a dream come true in this often dry + flaky Winter freeze deliberation. The exfoliator is key to all this sleek-faced madness and will free your skin from all that dead + dull sadness. Next, add skin nourishing supplements (like Vitamin E) and an extra few glasses of water each day – which can certainly give your skin an extra boost from the inside in more than one way. Finally my winter skin secret weapon... a fabulous humidifier! Spend one night next to one, and you’ll swear it’s a miracle skin beautifier!


The Beauty Gift Guide



We're comin' at ya hot + heavy with all the finest things that help make every lady feel every kind of pretty! Au natural, caked + baked, glittery + glam - in this great big melting pot of naked faces, we MUST build a fabulous cabinet (or five) full of the "beauty basics". This task isn't always easy or kind to our wallets, so you bet one of the above will just about knock the socks off any girl, lady or woman on your lengthy lists'! She will be eternally grateful, practically bowing down to your gift-giving expertise and clap, jump + scream: "This Christmas is TRES-MAGNIFIQUE!!!"

Happy Gifting, Beautiful!

1. Down Powder Puff / 2. Vintage Powder  / 3. -- THERE is NO 3 / 4. Mason Pearson Hairbrush /5. Jonathan Adler Eyelashes Jar / 6. STELLA, by Stella McCartney  / 7. Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral Pot Rouge for Lips + Cheeks / 8. Luna Mini, by Foreo  / 9. Smith + Cult, Vegas Post Apocalyptic Nail Polish / 10. Drybar, Buttercup Blow Dryer / 11. Marc Jacobs, Tonight Lights Glitter Dust, Ultraviolet Light / 12. Davines OI / Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion


The Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide



The stuffing of another's stocking is truly a coveted ritual - a task not to be taken lightly,  considered irrelevant, or provisional. Stocking stuffing is a learned, and practiced art - one that takes years to perfect, one thats challenging from the start. The key to a successfully stuffed stocking is truly understanding the recipient - the ensuing delight that transpires ultimately weighs on the level of the stuffer's experience. The above smattering is a perfect example of what a "high stuffer" might muse over - if the beneficiary were MRS Lilien like-minded, this level of loot would be a true mind blower! Bestowing delight of the highest is the name of this game - and when it's executed brilliantly, the stuffer and the recipient win just the same!

Speaking of WINNING, everyone loves a giveaway, especially those that present something fabulous in the easiest of ways! Simply comment on our Facebook page (here) or this Instagram post to be entered!

One winner will receive my custom designed tag for Cinco Powell just in time for the Holidays! Best of luck!!

1. Flabongo 2. Clare V. Clutch 3. Jonathan Adler Monogram Mug 6. Kelly Wearstler Kiss Key Chain 5. No. 31 by Arquiste for J.Crew 4. Foreo, Issa Toothbrush 5. Beer Savers 8. Leontine Linens Satin Sleep Mask 9. MRS LILIEN for Cinco Powell Custom Tag!! 10. Perfectly Put Together Gilded Tattoos 11. Serena + Lily Stocking

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