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It's been far too long since I've sat down + spilled all the treasures and bits with which my beauty bag is filled. What once were my necessities have undergone a minor switch - for I'm now living on GUAM where it's 10 degrees hotter (!!!!) but truth be told, humidity has remained my main b*tch. Take notice that not all things require island heat + bodily precipitation, you'll scoot across some serious bits that you, too, must introduce to your daily rotation! I'll include a little "why" in the info down below, so you know what you're missing + why you'll cherish it so!

1. NARS TIMANFAYA > This mega pencil makes for the ultimate resort lip! I live resort 24/7, therefore it’s my go to.

2. BUMBLE + BUMBLE INVISIBLE OIL > The things that HAIR dreams are made of!!!  

3. MASON PEARSON HAIR BRUSH > The only thing that touches my hair aside from my own hands

4. KOPARI COCONUT OIL > A DAILY essential... I’m not sure I could now exist without it!

5. ODEME HAIR BANDS (12 PACK) > while my hair just died, I cannot use these anymore BUT they are BY FAR the most elite hair elastic of all time!! The enormous gilded pin that they come on is worth the entire purchase itself!

6. ODEME BOBBING PINS > these are my most absolute favorite hair flare of late. Not only do they come in incredible saturated colors, are build EXTRA long for those of us with unruly horse hair, they are statement making all their own! The packaging that they arrive in will have you sweating with stress over ‘DO I, or DON’T I actually use these’ because the whole kit and kaboole is pure eye candy!!!

7. ODEME POLISH > Light Cassavettes on the nails + bold Cuba Libre for the toes. Odeme’s nail polishes arrive in THE most adoring of boxes. The kind you wouldn’t DARE throw away. The kind that you actually store the coveted polish in at all times when not in use.

8. BOBBI BROWN CREME BLUSH > In Calypso Coral... there is no substitute! Best creme blush on UNIVERSE!!! Believe me, I’ve tried them ALL! 

9. NARS EYE PAINT > On pale or even tan skin, this is a stunning shade. It’s creamy + pigmented and if nothing else, a simple coat of black mascara takes you to insta-glam!!

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To each their own, and well, these are mine! The very current 8 goodies that are possessing my MRS mind. While simple in shape, color + practicality - the absolute lust over each bring me unthinkable joviality! Typically a MRS of vibrant color - object of neutrality rarely bring about the same amount of glorious luster. But I tell you what, show me brilliance in monotone shades of 'biscuit' and I'm oh my knees PRAYing for 'beige hating' forgiveness!!

Now that I'm living in GUAM, squllions of miles away from my worldly possessions - my soul is porous and so easily lured by new obsessions. What ever the case, I truly don't care - the above collection is beyond compare.

Now.... hmmm, WHO OF YOU SHIPS TO GUAM?!?!

One could only hope..... do YOU AMAZON???





My MRS Tropical Hale on FULL Display



VIVA LA FOYER:  Gray Malin Skinny Dip framed print, loom decor throw pillows, jonathan adler claude gossip bench set.


THE CHOW HALL: Lex Mod 54” Lippa Table, Gray Malin Welcome to the Parker, Loom Decor Color Block Drapes (Ivory + Coral), Dot and Bo Sphere pendant in gold.


THE HOSTESS'S CORNER: Benjamin Moore Hot Spice Paint, Target Threshold Gilded Lamp, Lisa GoLightly Ringing Pool Boy Bell, Jonathan Adler Vice Jars, Dot + Bo Kailua Pineapple Jar, Anthropologie Flamingo Bust, Woolly Pocket Wall Planter,  Getty Images, Slim Aarons: Poolside Glamour


THE LIVING ROOM: Interior Define Sloan Sofa (sand), Dot & Bo Yellow Chairs, Haiku Ceiling Fans, CB2 Vega Light, West Elm White Penelope Side Tables, Home Decorators Gold Starburst Book Topper, West Elm Martini (Coffee) Tables, Loom Decor throw pillows, Serena + Lily Moroccan Pouf

Coffee Table BooksThe Swan Gondola by Timothy Shaffert, A Colorful Home by Susan Hable, All in Good Taste - Kate Spade New York, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo, Mrs. Lilien Cocktail Swatchbook by Kelley Lilien


THE OFFICE: CB2 Tesso Desk, Serena & Lily Hanging Rattan Chair, Jonathan Adler chair pillow, Easy Tiger 'Hello' Print, Getty Images, Slim Aarons Poolside Party Print, One Kings Lane Worry Beads, Andy Warhol Lips Print, Newgate Bubble Clock, Animal Print Shop Flamingo #3 Print, Apple 27" iMac, Jill Rosenwald Starburst Rug


What started nearly one year ago, finally came to fruition. Of course it took much longer than originally planned thanks to my tropical island transition. Regardless the timing, I couldn't have been happier with my amazing HAVENLY partnership! And, I'm pretty sure it shows in my pride-laden showmanship! Since my Hula Hut's debut on The Glitter Guide, Gray Malin and also on Domaine - zillions of queries rushed in about where all of these fabulous goodies came! So I've done my very best to break down each explosive nook and cranny - so you can check out my finds, from the bright and bold, to the unexpected and classy. Should I have left something out, please don't hesitate to knock - I'll do my best to hunt it down for you like a MRS Sherlock! 

And, if you're wondering 'why on earth would MRS LILIEN ever need help decorating her manse?!' The answer is quite simple, I know what I like, what I'm drawn to and what I love, BUT putting it all together requires a little a skill that I haven't much of. Working with Shelby + Cori Sue from HAVENLY was a dream come true! The got my vision immediately, and pulled it all off alongside their fabulous + stealth Havenly crew. So, should you find yourself in a bit of a deco-jam, enlist the help of HAVENLY, tell them The MRS sent you, and in no time you're space will be all kinds of gorge + glam!

Your Welcome, 



Design: Shelby Girard of Havenly / All Photography: Annie Groves / Photo Styling: N2Designs



Mister Malin / In The House



Gone are the days that the name Gray Malin stir mystery - for his rise to Photog-extradordinaire happened rather swiftly! His razor sharp, playful eye and relentless pursuit of capturing bewildering whimsy - are the honed skills one would typically expect from a majestic gypsy! When his High PhotoShip released his WELCOME TO THE PARKER collection - I basically departed, then came back via divine resurrection! I recall sending ferocious and rapid texts to MRS. LEE knowing they shared a lovely friendship - demanding that she connect me at once (!!!) with his High PhotoShip! When this MRS unleashes her steadfast determination - all hell breaks loose, her social graces plummet to eternal damnation! From that moment on, it's really all a blur - and then one day these two remarkable prints arrived beautifully framed, and complete with his High PhotoShip's signature!! The rest...? Well, you can read more HERE - I'm heaving heaps of my MRS inspiration, loves + crazy ramble for YOU, my dearest of dears!

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