MRS. Picnicking Essentials



Hi ho the derry-o a picnicking we will go! Whether you spread out on the sand or a grassy plateau - I've compiled the essentials that you'll want to bestow. If you're a diehard beach goer, then a Beach Sheet, insulated tote + baby powder should be mainstays in your kit. A parkster at heart? Then a sturdy picnic blanket, classic basket + a can of wetones is your go-to equip. Regardless the setting one thing's for certain - a multitude of fabby paper goods are essential for any outdoor eating excursion! With Summer nearing a close, you best get picnicking - and if you're the type that needs an extra push, well... I'm absolutely insisting!

Tally Ho!


BEACH: The Beach Sheet / Harlequin Paper Plates / Yellow Scalloped Paper PlatesYellow Scalloped Paper Napkins / Harlequin Paper Cups / Insulated Tote Bag / Baby Powder

PARK: The Grass Is Greener Picnic Blanket / Black Scalloped Paper Plates / Gold Stripe Paper Plates / Black Scalloped Paper Napkins / Black Scalloped Paper Cups / Picnic Basket / Wet Ones

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Mrs. Lilien's SoCal Paint Palette



Tah-dah!! Herein lies the newest and most smashing paint + wall paper palette for Farrow & Ball - I was bestowed the high honor of curating the SoCal City Palatte, and today I'm sharing it with y'all!! If you're unfamiliar with this bespoke British brand - they are the makers of fine designer paints + papers that beckon a high demand. Our fabby collaby is special indeed - I'm their SoCal ambassador, a position that's pretty darn sweet! I've thoughtfully selected a collection of paints and papers that I feel best represent my SoCal habitat - the double palette above is spot on and makes me happy-clap! The SoCal Succulents + Sunsets collection is vibrant, warm and punchy - it encapsulates this region's extraordinary personality which is both lively + sunny. The SoCal Surf Report embodies the brilliant blues of our beloved Pacific - a palette thats clean, serene, deep + terrific! I could not be more thrilled about these palettes I've created - I hope you take the time to peruse this collection that I've passionately illuminated. If your space in which you occupy is in need of a SoCal revamp - I invite you to explore these custom Farrow & Ball palettes that bear my MRS stamp!

There's more splendor on this Farrow & Ball front that I'll be sharing soon - you'll be patiently attentive whilst awaiting my surprise, I presume.

In the meantime, find endless inspiration here, and lose yourself on this fabulous blog : The Chromologist


Birthday Swan



Wait, I didn't think it was even possible to turn 35!! But, come this Sunday it's happening, pending I survive! To be honest I don't feel like an old hag - but I have no doubt the younger sect may think "what an old bag!" What ever the case, one thing remains - my one and only birthday wish is the same. If you've been a long time reader, then you're familiar with my deepest obsession - this SWAN PEDAL BOAT looms large as my most aspired affection. Nary a year has passed that I haven't prayed hard to the Birthday Fairy - but alas she never delivered... I'm assuming the reason being unfavorable + budgetary. Nonetheless this year is no different - I'll be asking for the Swan Boat (again!!) in hopes of feeling euphoric bewilderment. If you have a chat with the Birthday Fairy DO put in a good word for me - I've been a really good MRS all year, I guarantee! 





Mrs. Back To School



The kids are headed back to school, it's time for claps + cheers - but first we've got to load them up with all the proper gears! With lists to consult and endless products to buy - our frenzied heads are spinning, it's no wonder why! In saunters YOOBI, the sweetest school supplies you ever did see - stealing the show, and making our back to school shopping as easy as can be! With pink glue, and markers of a different palatte - it's a no brainer to make them a new habit! Whats more, with each item purchased another is donated to a classroom in need - thus making it all wildly worth it indeed! So either run to your nearest Target or click here to load up: YOOBI



What a Tassel!


I've come to the conclusion that August is a battle - i'm struggling not to get overly tassled! But they just keep finding me! Everywhere I look - another tassel for the books! I'm head-to-toe tassel-tastic, one of my ultimate fave looks. What in the world is a life without the frills, the colorful explosions give me all types of thrills!!!

Tassel your way through this very Monday!


Tassel Keychain #1 and 4 / Tassel Keychain #2 and 3 / Neon Tassel Clip-Ons / Tassel-Tie Patio Gown / Tassel Bracelet / Tassel Sandals



Arm Party



Welcome to the Arm Party - a BOLD and blingy affair that's hip + hardy! Whether you're a subscriber to the multi-stack or a mono-cuff devotee - pay attention, the arm party is your favorite cup of tea! Historically, I was never one for the dainty bangle - aesthetically I'm lured by the super-sized spangle. However, I've recently discovered the mix-n- match-dainty-bangle-stack - a mishmash of mini metals that meld to monopolize at that! Don't get me wrong, you'll find me rocking the statement cuffs nine times out of ten - but I must say I'm pleased to add this method into my repertoire every now and again. No matter the day, or the outfit and arm party can always be celebrated - furthermore, lauded, applauded + masqueraded! 


1. Gorjana Chaplin Cuff 2. Ann Taylor Calf Hair Cheetah Bangle 3. Gorjana Mila Cuffs 4. Eddie Borgo Estra-Large Cone Bracelet 5. Eddie Borgo Alternating-Pave Cone Bracelet 6. Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet 7. Kelly Wearstler Idealist Cuff

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Cocktailing with Chairish


When it comes to Cocktailing accoutrements, I go hog-wild. Patio pickings are an ultimate fave, the idea of outdoor sprucing makes me wanna say “screw my savings” and totally misbehave! I’m an all-out kind of gal... once I get started, there’s no coming back - it’s this freakishly exciting occurrence that comes in a full-fledged attack!! My Palmer Patio is all about the high-class, pinky-raisers, a space that welcomes the chin-uppers and all us wealthy make-believers! 

Fun Seating / Fab Planters / Vintage Sip Servers / Additional Seating: Floor Cushions, West Elm Striped Runner / Vintage 'ware

A three-piece collection can totally suffice with a few stand-out pieces. A spot for you and your love to sit + sip in a space thats relaxed, yet cheerful + totally hip. This patio ensemble has me dreaming of Piña coladas in a well-foliaged backyard cali cottage. I am a total daydreamer and a dangerously hopeful space schemer. But how can you resist when you’re confronted with a handful of pieces like THIS?!

Vintage Wicker Planters / Candlesticks / Yellow Wishbone Chairs / Laminate Table / Vino Glasses / Pressed Glass Ashtray 

How to Win: Visit the Giveaway page + enter your e-mail address HERE for a chance to win $100 to Chairish + my cocktail swatchbook

Not a sweepstakes type-a-gal? Don’t fret, go on + check out my Chairish collection - a bountiful assortment of #mrsapproved cocktailing pieces.

Contemplating selling some of YOUR fab vintage pieces? Here is how you sell your loot on Chairish straight from your iPhone!

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Pool Party Chic



Ain't no party like a cool pool party, cause a cool pool party don't stop! Especially when you're dressed to kill and blowin' up on the spot! Nothing on this planet makes me happier than daytime carousing - particularly whilst in the sun, scantily clad, at the same time libation abusing! A gathering of such tenor beckons regalia of the highest - meaning, your splashiest of essentials that leave you looking your finest! This occasion requires 2 styled looks: on the deck + in the pool - so you'll need to plan accordingly in order to keep your cool. A fabby frock bursting with color and verve - paired with geometric sunnies + double brass cuffs are sure to garner returns on your swerve. A vibrant bikini chicly shaded by a straw zapata-style hat - will no doubt deliver demanding attention at that!

Take note and follow suit - for my authoritative take on Pool Party Chic deserves a bow + a salute!

Lilly Pulitzer Eaton Shift /  Linda Farrow Luxe Sunglasses / Holly Westoff Brass Cuffs / J.Crew Shattered Swirl Bikini / Straw Zapata Hat


Must-Have Summer Jammies


Set NO.1 - a colorful picking for the girls with an eye for splash and willing to spend a little extra cash.

                   T-Back Cami with Shell Bra $48   //    Neon Aztec Pajama Shorts $72

Set NO.2 - A caszh-comfy set for your typical night with support up-top that'll be sure to excite!              

                               40% OFF this set with code BIGTIME until tomorrow 7/29

Set NO.3 - A night-time playsuit boasting all kinds of comfort... no pulling, no squeezing just a rad + breezy structure! And along with it, a Plum Pretty Sugar Sleep Mask (a MUST in my nighttime kit)

Set NO.4 - Last but not least, this sets got some spunk with a print only a grouchy old hag could seriously debunk. It's one that'll send you to a mental to the tropics, sipping piñas, mules + margs without ANY hesitation.


Million Dollar Cobbler



Pie Lovers, beware! Dabble with my Million Dollar Cobbler only if you dare! This sweet summertime staple always wiggles it's way onto my menu - I've made it for parties, picnics, potlucks + served it at fancy venues. No matter the crowd, this cobbler is always met with wild applause - and inevitably leaves people licking it off their lips, fingers, face and schnoz! I know this recipe by heart and can whip it up with my eyes closed - I've made it with every make and model of stone fruit + berry combo to which I'm not opposed. It's a foolproof home run - and a summery sweet that's loved by everyone. I'm endlessly hounded for this recipe every time I sever it - so I'm sharing it with the world because you know what, y'all deserve it!



Million Dollar Cobbler:

  1. For the filling: Mix the cut up stone fruit, berries, lemon zest + juice, flour, sugar + melted butter a medium baking dish.

  2. For the Crumble: In a separate bowl add the brown sugar, white sugar, flour, salt, rolled oats stick of room temperature butter + cinnamon. Knead this with your hands until all ingredients are incorporated + crumbly. Sprinkle the crumble over the filling + bake in a 350 degree oven for 35 minutes. Filling should be molten + bubbly, the crumble golden brown + lightly crispy.

  3. For added flair, serve warm with a scoop of really good vanilla bean ice cream.

I hope you give this the old college try - once you do, you'll be so delighted you'll probably cry!

Your welcome!







Another prezzy for my peeps, the second of the week - this time, a double-product giveaway that'll totally make you freak! Here's the deal: you get an outfit just like the one i'm donning (minus my MRS scarf + bibbly-baubles, those and the heels are the items I won't be spawning). Now let me tell you, Lyssé doesn't kid around...the comfort of their clothes leaves me panting + on the ground. They keep everything held together, all tight + snug, without making you feel like your one big chubby mother slug.

Alongside the outfit, you'll receive my NEW book - all signed by yours truly + off to the prettiest shelf alongside your very best cookbook! So don't waste any time, take a looksie at what Lyssé New Arrivals you're craving, follow these rules to enter + your on the winning trail a 'blazing! 

Best of luck! Xxx



Denim Diagnostic



Denim, jeans, heck... even dungarees - this highly celebrated category has scads of devotees! What's more is that these days this category of clothing has grown to be quite vast - why, the days of one make / one model have since been surpassed. For all intents and purposes one could safely don denim every day of the week - never repeating the same look + always pass for chic!

Thus I give you my Mrs. Ann Taylor Denim Diagnostic - a 5 look low down that's both MRS-ish and quixotic! It's no secret that denim is wildly versatile - not to mention, casual, chic and down right discernible.

Shop All Looks > Ann Taylor

Polka Dot Shirt / Super Skinnies / Brown Sunnies / Pink Pindot Shirt / Zip Pocket Skinny / White Sunnies / Denim Skirt / Signature Tote / Stripe Sleveless Shirt / Boyfriend Jeans / Navy Belt / Suede Heels 


Bikini Ready - GIVEAWAY


For us ladies, the weeks leading to Summer are all about priming + peaking, anything it takes to get the best toning and tweaking. And although all is usually well by that first week of June, it's mid to end of July when we begin to get a tad out of tune. That said, for those of us with a handful of beach days left in our basket, we've gotta get ourselves on track and avoid becoming one big buns + burger magnet.

All jokes aside, this cleanse is one heck of a course - it'll have you waving a grand ole goodbye to all that mid-summer remorse. Unlike most cleanses you're allowed TWO meals per day - the third is replaced by a smoothie full of whey! The smoothies are delicious, the bikini sticks are a hit - there's even a bikini passport that is full of all kinds of fit-wit.

For 15% off your BikiniCleanse box use code BCXMRS15  here!

For a chance to WIN a complimentary bikini cleanse: 1. comment below with which swimmy you'd rock once you cleansed away (perhaps add in a little rhyme for shits + gigs) 2. leave your email address, twitter or instagram handle so we can contact you and 3. go support the BikiniCleanse crew by liking their fabby Facebook page here


Summer Scents


There's no easy way to put it, the Summer heat can bring some serious stink. Whether it's musty, sand-ridden feet or a family of dirty swimsuits that got left in the laundry room sink. Whatever the case may be, stink is not tres chic. So i've done a simple compilation of what does it for me - both for the home + personally. Because summertime jaunts aren't always nice + breezy, we all need a few squirts of the a #MRSapproved to keep pass-byers from getting queasy. 

Enough of the foul talk, go on + get pretty! Dazzle up your home scents too - shoo, shoo! Get busy!




Mrs. Campfire Cordial


What better way to prep for a Summer weekend than a grand Campfire Cordial? A gathering of all your neighborhood pals + a few toasty tipples makes it all the more social. Perhaps this MRS is the perfect gal to bring along on your holiday staycation - P.S. did you dare miss my latest roundup of glam-camping? It musn't go without some full-fledged campfire libations. In case you didn't know, she's a recipe right out of my newest cocktail book, oh shoot I leered you in, now go on + take a look!

So whattya say? Is this THE weekend to host a friendly bonfire - I say a hundred times yes...bring on the booze and the comfy attire!!!

Happy Sipping! Xxx!

Your MRS




All hail my fellow glampers - the gals who bring glam to the campsite to avoid all the typical dampers. I mean something's gotta give because chillin with the bugs all day just isn't happenin' - so I say FIRST bring on the good stuff THEN let's go camping!

A detailed checklist for your convenience:

1. The Glamper - aka the NEW airstream bambi

2. The Guard-Bird - large, plush flamingo to guard the door from danger

3. Bonfire Log - for late night warmth, smores + storytelling

4. Rad Rug - to roll out in or outside the glamper

5. B-fly Chair - an uber chic butterfly chair for loungey-like circumstances

6. Clam Shell Pool - a plastic sand pit that doubles as a fabby, portable pool in the summer heat

7. My Book - for some guidance on how to booze + shmooze once the sun sets







Do you make like Moby Dick? Do you live the life aquatic? Well then of course you don a  wetsuit when you frolic! Nowadays this species of gear is wildly at the ready - heck even your sister Sue paddles out passed the jetty! I must say, if you're going to wallow in the waves you ought to do it right - zipping yourself into one of these bad boys and you're bound to look dynamite! Who cares if you flop about like a seal pup or even sink - at least you'll look good while splashing around in the drink!

Surf's Up!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 

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The Summer Baby


Ok mama's it's time to raise your hand high and own up to it because I KNOW i'm not the only one willing to admit! Shopping for your children is a heck of a lotta fun - especially the itsy-bitsy little ones! The smaller the cuter, no matter the price. It's like finding a mini pot of gold in a ginormous stack of white rice. So here's to all you mama's looking for a little splurge - to get your Summer baby in a 'fit he/she totally deserves! 


Color Cued Dude: Hat / Tee / Pants / Shoes

Garden Gal: Tunic / Chambray Bloomers / Shoes

Swim Diapers all here Swim Trunks left. middle. right. Swimsuits left. middle. right.


Mrs. Grand Marshal



I weep for the ones who don't get to partake in the small town 4th parade - I mean, it's almost MORE American than fresh squeezed lemonade! Every year my family, along with every other person in Sahn Diago - line the main drag and patriotically cheer on this festive fiasco. Nary a year passes that we don't see the same thang - but believe it or not it always ends with a celebrated bang! One day, perhaps when I'm at my cutest, old and gray - I hope to be the MRS Grand Marshal of this 4th of July Parade! If granted this wish, I'll solemnly swear to don my patriotic best - and lead the line of festive carnies as they lead their troupes Americana zest!


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Theres nothing more American that a big batch of Margaritas - especially when you mix beer and exotic tequila! This year why not ring in America's birthday with something different - after all, it's better to be festive than obvious and deliberate! If you haven't already (gasp!) I beg you try - My Mrs. Señorita Spin / aka: BEER-ritas are next level, those in the know are keen to why! It's that fabby frozen Marg that we all know and love - but that extra beer float takes it from push to shove! Every time I whip up a batch - I get pummeled with praised and pats on the back. To say these are a summertime crowd pleaser would be a wild understatement - and I'd be a bold faced liar if I said they really weren't the GREATEST! This 4th, do your country proud and kick things up a notch - serve your patriots some frosty BEER-ritas + drop it like it's hot!

Senorita Spin Beer-rita 
Serves four

6 limes, juiced and zested
¼ c. agave nectar
½ c. tequila
½ c. simple syrup
Pinch sea salt
2 c. ice
1 Modelo beer
Lime wheels for garnish (optional)

1. In a blender, add juice and zest, nectar, tequila, simple syrup, and salt; blend on high for 30 seconds.

2. Stop blender and add ice. Puree until smooth.

3. Pour into mugs until half full, then top off with beer. Garnish with a lime wheel.



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