SOOOOOOO, the cat's outta the bag - we're leaving the continental united states, and fast! No, we're not evading hit men or seeking federal protection - we're trading in the hustle and bustle for peaceful paradise perfection. Life has it's funny way of letting you know, it's time to slow down - that you should smile more, laugh more, stress less and lose the frown. Sure it's not entirely all that simple, orchestrating a high caliber relocation - is as bat-shiz crazy undergoing a full gender transformation. That said, both can be done - and in the end your thrilled with where you landed, or what you've become. Fear not my friends and fans far and wide - you'll still get my daily nonsense, it'll just be dispatched from paradise! We've just over a month left before we board the pineapple express - there's LOTS to accomplish, LOTS to address. I've got even bigger news to share tomorrow - I'm pretty sure if you near by, you'll clap, dance and maybe even yodel!

Hold onto your pineapples for more on my move - no doubt you'll be jazzed, you'll twirl and groove!





A Bright Summer



I'm dreaming of a BRIGHT SUMMER just like the ones I used to know. Where my sunglass vision sees nothing but rainbow prisms, and palms swaying to and fro. I'm dreaming of a TROPICAL SUMMER where my days are filled with frolicking & delight, and I'm drenched in punchy resort wear that's sensationally dynamite! With my days spent lounging, supplied with frosty brews I'll be downing, and my skin slightly browning. I'm pretty certain my dream will come true, and when it does I'll most def be sharing it all with you!!




Pagoda Umbrella / Cutler + Gross Sunglasses / Lilly for Target Nosey Posey Dress / Yetti Ice Box / Saint Archer Mosaic IPA / Swim Cap / Lilly for Target Boom Boom Bandeau Suit / Lilly for Target Pineapple Punch Kimono FYI, Lilly for Target launches April 19th! EEEK!


Little Miss AWESOME



Oh, HELLO there little Miss Awesome!! You sprung up so swift and sweetly, like that of a spring floral blossom. And with your fantastical swerve, you simply skiddly-doo, you RANGA-LANGA-DANG-Dong, thanks to the bells upon your shoe!  A sweet little Miss such as you can only be found far + wide, galloping, grooving, easy breezy, always satisfied and preoccupied.  A free spirited little with light and wisdom beyond her years - a fashion sense that, when fully taken in, would bring a grown MRS to tears. Her AWESOMENESS oozes from her head unto her toe - she's the sweet darling, you'd all be so lucky to know. Selfless and kind, with a heart much bigger than mine - she dances through life with an intoxicating spirit that's so insanely divine. "Awesome" doesn't really cut it - and, for the record... she'd NEVER be above it. It's just, she's little Miss EVERYTHING, and as her mama... I just LOVE it!!

 And her most prized possessions are as follows:

1. Sons + Daughters HONEY Sunglasses / 2. Flower + Bobbi's / 3. NATTY flounce-sleeve frock / 4. Jcrew Fringe Flower Necklace / 5. Zuzii pink stripe oxford Shoes (bells not included)


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