Breakfast Energizers


A morning sans energy can truly make your day feel like the WORST of the century! Everything seems to be all kinds of contorted + you cant seem to get yourself any kind of assorted. Well here's the kick that always nails ME in the rump - a quick and fresh brekky that is totes yum in the tum! When oatmeal won't do it, and cereal isn't happening...pull out a few of these and you'll be feeling juiced (not to mention they're flattening!!)

P.S. They were inspired by THIS find!

Happy Brekky-ing!


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The Cocktailer's Garden



Who wouldn't love a garden burgeoning with boozy delights? Where the fruits of your labor literally turn into citrusy spikes. I keep a Cocktailer's Garden right outside my door - and I both nuture and abuse it furthermore! I can't express the utter satisfaction I get when picking, juicing, zesting + muddling - the intoxicating end result is always doubly delicious + doubly befuddling! It's really quite simple to plant a Cocktailer's Garden - and better yet, it CAN be done on a rather modest margin! With my 2nd cocktail book merely 2 months away -  I've been tending my Cocktailer's Garden nearly every single day! Just like people, plants need water, sunlight + food - and starved plants yield fruit that is moot! When I see one of my cocktail yeilding plants lacking a bit of luster - I douse them a dose of Scotts Miracle-Gro and those suckers thrive like no other! A happy Cocktailer's Garden will provide nothing but endless joy + intoxicants - and not for nothin' but also a sense of boozy accomplishments!!

Now get those plants planted so they're ready come harvest - for she who drinks thy own crop is she who is smartest!

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Mrs. Forever Young



The idea of youth can mean many different things - and if you ask me, a life of vibrancy is what it brings! Let's discuss the #YouthList for a moment, shall we? I promise, you'll like what you read, feel and see! This fabby concept of the #YouthList was introduced to me by the peeps at StriVectin - I immediately fell for their inspiring take on living the forever young lifestyle and thus made it my own current obsession! So, I took a long hard look into what I define as a youthful existence - I pulled together my Mrs. #YouthList, outlined above 1-6.  Each one of these components is essential to fulfilling your youthful dreams - and when pulled off successfully, a forever young vibrancy truly reigns supreme. Things like 'Live in the Moment' + 'Ditch Your Doubt'  - in their own way reverse the signs of aging and reduce the urge to louse about.  'Hold Onto Your Daydreams' and 'Nurture The Skin You're In' - give way to confidence boosting juices which is a total win-win! Allowing yourself to 'Make Fairytales A Reality' and 'Paint Thy Lips, Nails + The Town Red' - forces you to reduce stress + get out of your head. All of the above certainly lend themselves to feeling and thus looking young - just as much so as limiting your tanning time in the sun. Now that I'm drinking the youth serum I want to spread the love - so I've partnered up with StriVectin so that I can help you out with all of the above! Panting?? Read on...


I'm going to be crowning a MRS FOREVER YOUNG + gifting her a year of youth - she who wins gets a 1 year supply of StriVectin SD Advanced, yes it's the TRUTH! In order to properly enter you must leave a comment below - telling me which one of my (above) #YouthList items you need to harness, work on and grow. Then re-pin the corresponding pin and state your case in the caption - include the link to your pin in your comment, cross your fingers and wait for my reaction! I'll select the winner that I feel best deserves the crown - she can then do that happy dance, recharge her youthful ways and start to eradicate the lines from her frown!

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Mrs. Green Bubbles



Why don't we all try something a little different this year?! I'm thinking green bubbles instead of the usual green beer! As long as it's festive, green and does the jolly trick - I'm almost certain it'd be approved by that Mr. St. Patrick! I say pop a bottle or two and douse it with that green no. 3 - guzzle it down and enjoy a rather elevated St. Patties Day jubilee!!

Oh Joy! Jade Pitcher / Oh Joy! Goblets / Veuve Clicquot

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Oh what a week... I'm happy to see it's backside - another day and I bet my MRS ship would be capsized. Here's to 2 days of freedom and intoxicants - paired with perfect San Diego sunshine + balminess!






Fabby Spring Break Spots


All you last-minute Lucys gather round far + wide, as i've thrown together a bit of a surprise! Were you totally stuck - in that just-before-spring dreadful type of rut...daydreaming about how much your Spring Break is going to totally suck. Well wait just a minute my worldwide Lucys cuz this MRS has got a mini guide that'll dry the sweat off your wearisome brow! No, truly!!! I've rounded up three very different picks - I mean, let's face it while some of us just want to down drinks like it's a chore, others would rather a poolside snore or better yet, go explore!

So go on, take your pick!!




Make Mine A Midi



Nary a MRS has been scolded for cutting too ladylike a silhouette - and therefore an investment in a bevy of midi skirts wouldn't bring a sliver of regret. As grand as a maxi, yet more elegant than a mini - in walks the midi and kills it willy nilly! Paired with a suave chambray shirt that's been popped, cuffed + tucked - you've got yourself an ensemble that's tough to trump! If you haven't midi'd yet, well you should - this ladylike silhouette is fab and fab, my ladies, is GOOD!

Striped Midi Skirt / Diamond Jacquard Midi Skirt / Lace Stripe Midi Skirt / Mango Tango Lady Length Skirt / Keeper Chambray Shirt


Spring Trimming



Ah yes, Spring Trimming, such an exciting time - it's when all the heavy hitters come out to boast + shine! As if they've spent all year waiting to debut - saving up all their chutzpah for this big ballyhoo! The palate is so fresh + resplendent - the style ever bold + especially pleasant. Like little spring chiclets just hatching from their eggs - just begging to be worn on your wrists and freshly-shaven legs! I'd certainly say the above smattering really hit it out of the park - just what we winter dwellers need to set this upcoming season a spark!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8


Saved by the BELL



 When it feels as though fashion has lost its flair, you look to your closet with utter despair - shaking your fists in the air whilst screaming "I'VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!!!" Fret not, there BELL will save you, it's painfully fashionable and debonair! A bold dressing statement I so do declare - yet one that when executed properly will have you lookin' n' feelin' like a hot billionaire!  Take it from me, I'm a true BELL extraordinaire - I rock this look ferociously and confidently sans a care! So the next time your feeling fashionably blue and needing repair - run, don't walk, to the chicest bell and don them if you dare!!

Roksanda Ilincic Bell Sleeve TopJo No Fui Printed Bell Sleeve Top / Rosie Assoulin Striped Cotton Balloon Sleeve Top / Jil Sander White Ballon Sleeve Top / Au Jour Le Jour Duchess Bell Trousers


Aussie Pen Pals



So if your tuning in just now, you may be a little confused. However those in the know are no doubt most certainly amused. Here lies just yet another layer on our migrant adventure - connecting with the Australian natives is our latest endeavor. Calling all Aussies far and wide - won't you be my Pen Pal? My all-informative Australian guide? We can use all your advice, your input + help - anything you can give us would be totally swell! If you're up for the challenge,  then drop me a line - I've left my contact above, email is fine! I look forward to hearing your stories + advice - for this California girl can't get enough of info about that Australian Paradise!

Won't you be my Aussie Pen Pal, oh pretty please? I promise our back-and-forths will be the bees knees!!

Email me!



Rifle Paper Co. / Hello Darling Social Stationery Set


Kid's Spring Attire


Now that we're getting near that time to kick winter out the door - it's time to welcome Spring attire into the littles' drawer! Although a sunny dweller myself, I cannot deny the grand + dear spot in my heart for my east coast peeps...that said, I wanted to include options in heaps!! For cold weather and warm, come sunshine or storm - there's one thing to make sure of: dress the mini-you's to the nines + follow the cues of my MRS fashion signs!


Girl's Pom Pom headband / Neon girl shorts / Striped Tall socks / Neon tulle skirt



Mrs. Calypso



Meet MRS Calypso of St. Barth, a lady of envy indeed - her day’s spent luxuriously leisuring, doddling about on the beach. She takes causal finery to the very next level - mixing + matching like a savvy resort rebel. She makes leisure-chic look effortless + refined - perfectly pressed and prim?! Oh, she hasn’t the time!  What with the surfing, sailing excursions, and exotic terrace-taken meals - from sun up to sun down, she’s kept on her heels. It must be tough being her, a baroness of leisure, a true travelin’ toots - everyone envious of her pursuits and her coveting looks. While a hard job I’m sure, someone’s gotta do it - so let’s commend Mrs. Calypso for rising to the occasion + sticking to it!


Indulge in Mrs. Calypso’s closet with a fabby incentive:

Calypso Spring Gift Card / Be sure to enter: GCSPRING2014FB at checkout.

$50 off $300+
$150 off $600+
$300 off $1,000+ 

*exclusions are sale items and some special order furniture

*First time home goods are included 

*Leather and fur also included

*Runs until March 23rd


Emder Silk Tiered Dress / Rafia Parma ClutchBeaded Sky Necklace / Tkees Flip Flops / Sunglasses / Maison Janse Palm Tree Floor Lamp / Gary Hanel Surf Board


A Custom Fit Original



Have you ever owned a dress that fit like a glove? One that was custom fit, one that you LOVED?! On any given day you could shimmy into it and feel like a cool million - No? "Well that's about to change!"  says your beloved Mrs. Lilien. Enter PIOL, the latest in custom made frockery - an online dress shop that makes to measure and does so properly! The process is pretty fun, and I might add easy - in just 4 steps you've created something custom, chic + breezy! The end result is truly a bonafide original - a frock as unique as you, fabulous and individual! You'd be bonkers not to check it out for yourself - after all, custom made go-to frocks are rather beneficial to one's health!

PIOL Dress


AniPal Series - February Roundup


HIP HIP FURRAY it's an AniPal roundup!! All of February's furry friends have resurrected, sure enough! I find them to be a softer method of therapy - a bi (sometimes tri) weekly prezzy for you from me!!! Perhaps it's one of those mornings that you spill your coffee, burn yourself with the iron or barely roll out of bed - you just need ONE cheery thing to take away all the dread! Well that's where I come in bombarding your instagram space with none other than one of these fellas - I promise it'll slap ya in SMACK in the face! You wouldn't dare refuse...right? RIGHT! So do yourself a favor, clicky here, and follow along - for an AniPal journey that'll have you bright-eyed and cheeful, right where you belong!


Remember that morning I was feeling...FANCY?!

Or that afternoon I was feeling like I just needed a breather...


Mrs. A-List



Meet Mrs. A-List, a lady who’s always on her game - she’s a top notch go-to gal, hence her A-List name. She prances about doing A-list tasks - she makes magic happen whilst conducting A-List chats. She’s larger than life, a real tour de force - and she’s always dressed impeccably, of course! Her presence commands attention + she never disappoints - she takes her A-List power seriously, she’s a superior humanoid! Nary a task too complicated, a dilemma too ambitious - Mrs. A-List tackles it all with grace making her look ever so auspicious! If ever there were a gal with which to model, it’s Mrs. A-List - following in her fabulous footsteps would certainly gift your credo a lift!


Glasses / Ann Taylor Window Pane Topper / Ann Taylor Bag / Pointy-Toe Wedges / Phone





Brows are the picture frames of our eyes - that said, their importance should come as no surprise! These days over-plucked thin brows are OUT - and it's the bold and the bushy is what we're all about. This doesn't mean you ought to forego shaping + upkeep - on the contrary brow manicuring should reign high on your beauty routine. Should your brows need a little boost due to prior overzealous plucking - fret not, there are oodles of products to keep those frail brows from sucking!! From pigmented powders, waxes + paints - you can beef those babies up with little complaints! So get those babies bushy + bold - if you've been hesitant, well... you've just been TOLD!

Babe-o-licious Brow Gal / Tweezerman Slant Tweezer / Tweezerman Brow Shaping Scissors + Brush / Anastasia Brow Gel / Too Faced Brow Envy Eyebrow Kit / Too Faced Instant Attitude Brow Lift


Puffer Pairings



Tired of old man winter?! Ready to rock spring's splashy hues?! Finding with the inclement weather difficult to do?! Well, here's what you do... Indulge in something bold + flashy, something springy + new - pair it with a puffer and you kill two birds with one shoe! Toss on a pair of big sunnies + fabby flats - and you've got yourself one heck of an ensemble at thats!! It's okay to cheat on winter with spring - after what he's put you through you deserve a snazzy new fling! Just be sure to be sensible with the transition - you don't want to rebound too hard and find yourself sick + out of commission!

Happy Pairing!



Sunnies / Puffers / Norma Kamali Striped Pants / Issa Maxi Skirt / Alice + Olivia Graphic Pants / Tieks Flats


Halsbrook Coats & Clutches


Every now and then you deserve a little lady splurge, a once-in-a-long-time buy that takes a bit of an urge! I'm a big believer in spending where it in my mind, a few fabulous pieces are much more worthy than a hundred discounts! So take a looksie at my fave Halsbrook pairings, whoever thought coats and clutches could be so very daring???


Red Coat & Clutch / B + W Coat & Clutch / Blue Coat & Polka Clutch

Shop more Halsbrook finds HERE!


Warm Weather Wonderland



We're hot on the heels of March - which has me daydreaming of sun drenched days + getting charred. Bouncing about in a barely there bandeau?! Lounging poolside, setting my skin aglow?! Say no more and sign me up - whisk me off to this warm weather wonderland + drop me off under the sun!! My bags will be bursting with piles of nylon blends - saturated with prints + celebrating the latest skimpy trends. Oh, won't you join me on this dreamy heated escape? Stock up on your suits, meet me on the jet way, dare not delay!!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9



Orange Yogurt Loaf Cake



This sweet + zesty recipe is one for the books - so go on and give it a second little looks! It's really quite doable, the work + the's a promising outcome that'll put some ZEST in your step! And what better way to end your week...admit it, you love me for introducing a recipe so sweet!! Lo and behold - the orange loaf recipe: an absolute fave in the Lilien Household!!! 


Happy Loafing!



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