Fall Bauble Fervor



A menagerie of mixed pickings for the coming season - a dazzling crew to which my heart only deepens. Should you be on the hunt for a Fall Ball, mingle or promenade…looketh no further than this here brigade. 

Each glimmering with their own douse of delight, positively promising to prepare you for one heck of a night! Be it a ring, necklace or ear bling duo - choose wisely, some cost....well, mucho.

From Left to Right...

RINGS Lele Sadoughi Sandbar Ring X Arme De L'Amour Ruffle Gold-Plated Ring X Lele Sadoughi Sandbar Ring II NECKLACES Etro Brass Choker X Lele Sadoughi Pendulum Necklace  EARRINGS Lele Sadoughi Fishtail Earrings X Lele Sadoughi Solstice Studs

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Caftanology: 101



Students, welcome to Caftanology 101. I'm thrilled to know you're eager to learn, there's nothing more gauche than being caftan-dumb! The good news is there's only 5 quintessential caftaning elements - and upon completing, you'll be have mastered the art of caftan elegance! Sew, without further adieu, let's begin.

  1. If it's not WHIPLASH causing, it's not a caftan.

  2. If the sleeves don’t catch aflame amidst a candle lit cheers, it’s not a caftan.

  3. If it doesn't OWN YOU, it's not a caftan.

  4. If it doesn’t sweep the dust bunnies off the floor, it’s not a caftan.

  5.  If you aren’t mistaken for a sashaying explanation point, it’s not a caftan.

Okay, are we clear? Splendid! Now, go off and buy one my dear!

1. Amanda Wakeley Embellished Caftan 2. Monique Lhuillier M'O Exclusive V-Neck Caftan 3. Naeem Khan Ivory + Gold Caftan 4. Oscar de la Renta Embroidered Silk-Crepe Caftan


What's in my BEACH BAG?



After spending the better part of my life on the beach, I'd like to think I'm what you'd call a Professional Beach Go-er. I've tried and tested just about every beach-centric accessory and in turn consider myself a HIGH Beachess title holder! So, it's only prudent that I share with you my most coveted beach bag + it's contents. I promise that all things listed are extremely necessary and 100% no nonsense! Now pack that scuba bag +  get your butt to the beach! Enjoy yourself whole heartedly, then repeat!

GLAMOURPUSS neoprene scuba tote / STELLA MCCARTNEY cateye sunglasses / RIDER WAITE tarot card / CYNTHIA ROWLEY scuba jacket / COOLA spf 50 / THE BEACH PEOPLE roundie towel / GRAY MALIN iPhone case / YOOBI pink headphones / BALLAST POINT big eye ipa / YOOBI pink journal / GRAIN Good Vibes Spray

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Mrs. Lilien's HULA HUT



Moving into a new space is always so exciting. What fun it is to make it all fabulous, charming + inviting! What's better is when you have HELP to pull it all together. Thus the process becomes a most thrilling endeavor. Thanks to the wildly talented and resourceful HAVENLY team, whipping up my MRS HULA HUT has been nothing short of a dream! With a dedicated crew of designers, coordinators, project managers and pure magic makers - the processes of turning a space into a personalized home is made effortless by the HAVENLY movers and shakers! The process has been   an absolute delight, and what fun it's been watching my HULA HUT take shape just as it was designed. While There are still key items about to make the voyage aboard the ocean freight shipping vessel - I can say the the grand unveiling of the MRS HULA HUT will be super special! For now the doors will remain closed as the HUT contents begin to roll in. However, once the finishing touches have been completed, I'll open them up + invite all of you in!

Stay tuned for your official MRS HULA HUT Open House invitation - you'll want to be sure you available to partake in the celebration!

More soon. Very soon!



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