Sun Spot Salvation



It should come as little to no surprise - that indulging in too much sun will ultimately lead to your skin's demise. After all, as with most good things - too much of it typically bites + stings. Being a goddess of the sun, I've learned this the hard way - and that Mr. Golden-Sun has really made me pay! I haven't altered my sun-worshipping lifestyle too much - I've just edited my precautionary measures and such. During long stints at the beach I'll wear a rash guard, big sunnies + visor - I make a point to don FABBY ones, so I don't look like a shyster! If I'm lounging on my back patio, it's always under an umbrella - therefore if I fall asleep it really saves me from a sunburn dilemma! Now, how do I tackle the current sun damage you ask?! Well, visa vie this dark spot corrector that's absolutely fab! Now that its summer I'll be exercising my sun-frolicking right - but I'll do it smart so to keep my skin looking dynamite!

Umbrella / Big Sunnies / Visor / Burt's Bees Dark Spot Corrector / Rash Guard

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Burt's Bees via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.


Happy Father's Day



I wanted to pop in if only for a sec - to shout out to all the dads on deck! This MRS is a BIG fan of dads - from the old crusty ones, to the fresh meat lads - you guys are ALL totally RADS!

Have a spectacular DADtastic weekend!




Father of the Year



Father of the year... everyone know's one - he's a real dad-of-all-trades, a guy who's loads of fun! He's a really guy's guy, but he's not afraid to wear coral - infact as long as it's comfy he'd even do floral. He appreciates double oaked bourbon + can really work a power drill - he can execute a French braid, which (as he puts it) is just a learned skill. He's too cool for school, and yes he still skates or dies - he can even jump rope, and not just in the gym for exercise. This guy is truly Father of the Year material - he's none other than Mr. Lilien and being a dad makes him down right convivial!

Happy Father's Day, love!


Your MRS

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Bills Khakis Sanbridge Plaid Shirt / Bills Khakis Island Twill Parker ShortBills khakis Surfside Poplin Parker Pants / Woodford Reserve / Hair Tie / The Beatles Slip-on Vans / Santa Cruz Rob Roskop Skateboard / 


Mrs. Fruit KebabTails



I'm simply corybantic to be bringing you another recipe from my new book - and I hope you get to concocting it once you take a look! This recipe is truly one that leaves me charmed - edible booze, you ask? Don't be alarmed! What better on a hot day than a chilled hooch-infused snack?! Especially one that if over indulged upon will put you flat on your back! I can't think of a better way to wake up dad on Father's Day - than with a pile of Mrs. Fruit Kebabtails in lieu of coffee (how risqué!)

Enjoy. Your Welcome.




TOTE-ally Summer


It's been about a month now that the Summer weather has hung around, all the more reason to grab a tote and find yourself beach-bound! Above are five finds I absolutely adore - whether my man Jonny Adler, the uber fab Kate Spade or this fun #truapproved flamingo tote by Hayden Reis. 

Bright + cheerful is always the way to go, not to mention a personalized handbag...totes like WOAH! So I say DO it, go on and get your tote on. The Summer season is calling for some colorful pizazz that's totally the BOMB! 

5 / Flamingo Tote



Gin + Tonic Sorbet



Take a step inside my madcap mind of boozing - and what you'll come to realize is that my take on spirits is really rather amusing! Mixing elixirs is truly a favored avocation - it's like being a mad scientist of intoxication! Thus I bestow you with one of my newest formulae - brace yourself.... Mrs. Gin + Tonic Sorbet!! This frosty libation is but a spectacular treat - a frozen spirit that's truly tough to beat! I've torn out this page from my new book - and I hope you get to concocting it once you take a look!

As a reminder there's a MRS LILIEN'S Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook party happening TONIGHT! If you're in the greater BIG APPLE area + looking for some fun - swing by Jonathan Adler's soho store to party it up with me + everyone! All the details here.

Pretty please RSVP to



Come PARTY with ME in NYC!!



The time has come to get gussied + dolled up - there's a party going on and you're gonna wanna post up! Don't go run for your glasses, you read that right - there's a MRS LILIEN'S Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook party happening THIS Thursday night! If you're in the greater BIG APPLE area + looking for some fun - swing by Jonathan Adler's soho store to party it up with me + everyone! The evening's event will also be host to an exclusive bounty - a smattering of #JAandMrsApproved loot will be awarded to whom ever instagrams the soiree loudly + proudly! Bring your phones, wallets + fabulous finery - come out, play + partake in some JA + MRS divinery! It's a night of fabulousness that you won't want to miss!!


Pretty please RSVP to


Caftan Crazy



If ever there were an ensemble that you really ought to rock - take my advice and caftan-up, it's the ultimate summer frock! I've been a LONG time preacher of this high-priestess vestment - not only is it painfully chic, but also ridiculously comfy + pleasant. The right caftan can cut one of the meanest silhouettes - and when done right leaves a lasting impression that's nearly impossible to forget!

This truly is a piece you've got to put to work - forchristssake, just look at Mrs. Turk! Nearly half of her Memorial Day soirée was caftan-clad - dressed to kill + swill all the while looking fab!

Now scurry off and snatch up yours!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Lilly Pulitzer / Trina Turk / Paige California


Father's Day Wishlist


It's time to give all the pops out there some love! Show 'em how much they mean when push comes to shove. There's nothing better than bestowing them with a few impulsive buys, the kind that will have them fulfilling their ultimate highs! But ask just about any hubby and they'll tell you this too (or at least be thinking it, through and through). All your man really wants is a whole lotta your lovin', so schedule a sitter + treat yourself to a little skimpy somethin'! 

Go on, spoil 'em rotten! Xxx



Summer Fridays 4EVR!!



If you live in NYC, have visited NYC, know peeps in NYC then you know about summer friday - it's the greatest invention since bottled spirits, if you ask me anyway. It's when all the city folk cut out early to beat the hamptons traffic - escaping the city for their summer houses, which is a brilliant tactic! I've been petitioning for summer friday here in Sahn Diago - although since we're summery all year long, it'd be every Friday that I'd forgo. It's such a fabuLASH idea that I've decided to make it permanent - so, from here on out, Mrs. Lilien blog posts will be Monday-Thursday still righteous + relevant! So for those in the Big Apple, near + far - enjoy your SUMMER FRIDAY today + forevermore!!

See you next week!




The Cleaning Lady



If I was her, or better yet, if she was me - this is the arsenal that we'd use to putter, buff + clean. Each goodie in their own right - can really dig down + put up a fight. Best part you ask?! Every product is safe + natural-ish for the task! Leaving behind a most dreamy scent - giving a new meaning to clean... and something to commend! These are all great items to stock for polishing up between cleaning lady visits - and they all make the art of cleaning happen sans the ugly grimace!

Common Good Bathroom Cleaner / Mrs. Meyers Toilet Bowl Cleaner / Feather Duster / Nellies All-Natural Laundry Soda / Pop-up Sponges / The Good Home Co. Laundry Fragrance / Mrs. Meyers Baby Blossom Detergent / Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner / Common Good Glass Cleaner / The Laundress Stain Brush / Kitchen Towels


The Mrs. G Cocktail



Yes, it's a bit off color to be highlighting cocktails fresh off of a long drinking spree - but nary another moment could pass without sharing my MRS. G!! You see, prior to the holiday weekend I was ramping up with these - and even now, as my liver throbs, the mere mention of a MRS. G puts me at ease.

This tasty tipple is a rather quenching squeeze and one that (if you knock 'em back like me) will bring you to your knees! So go on, I give you high permission - shake up a MRS. G or 3 and sip yourself into blissful submission!





Patio Pizazz



Creating an outdoor space thats playful + fab - means sourcing pieces that pack a punch of pizazz. Mixing high + low along side the practical + unexpected - gives way to delightful corners that are stealthily vignetted. With summer hot on our heels, it's the perfect time to give your outdoors some jazz - follow my lead and work out some patio pizazz!


Tire Swing / Outdoor Bar Trolly / Swan Planters / Rattan Arm Chairs


Mrs. Beachy-Keen



Mrs. Beachy-Keen... ever the devoted sun goddess + sand worshiper - not to mention one heck of a beach toy purchaser! She's always stocked with the ultimate accoutrements - her kit is always covetable, loaded with just what you'd want! If you head out to the beach, you just might see her - and when you see her in action, there's no doubt you're gonna wanna be her!

Parasol / Pineapple Sunglasses / Mermaid Fin / Flamingo Towel Clips / Sunnylife Radio / Pin Table / Pineapple Cup


Little mister Summer


Following up yesterday's uber fab Little Miss Summer gear...stands a more masculine wardrobe array for the very best season of the year! I scavenged high + low for the best of the best, and you bet your bottom dollar my little "big" man will be put to the Summer closet test! Just follow my lead - sit him on down and have him clear out all the closeted items he could totally do without. This makes the process all the more simple, perhaps make it a game - clear + wit-ful.  

You can thank me later.



Full 'Fit: Surfer Tee / Towelling Shorts / Polarized Sunnies / Sandals

Tees + Trunks: Tank Tee / Collared Tee / Camo Short / Terry Short / Socks / Glow-in-the-Dark Vans


Little Miss Summer


Alright folks, Summer is but a blink away over here on the West coast which calls for some serious wardrobe guidance from your uttermost. I rest assured I am not the only one, who finds the guiltiest of pleasures in dressing my little ones! How can pieces so small cause so much joy + excitement?! Browsing such things leaves me in total web-nirvana confinement! I can't stop myself, I just keep clicking! Continuously scavenging, prowling + pricking! The above is a colorful smattering of picks for MY little miss, one stylish mini gal who radiates year-round "summer bliss"! 

Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrows more masculine smattering, for all the little fellas who needn't another wardrobe unflattering.



P.S. I share all my kiddo wardrobe indulgences right here! You don't wanna miss these daily finds!

Full 'fit: Coral Tunic Top / Shorts / Sunnies / Sandals

Frockin' it:  Navy Striped Dress / Neon Tassel Dress / B + W Striped Pom Pom Dress

Rule the Pool: Lydia Tunic / One-piece SwimmySandals


The Art of Shrubbery


Fridays are a time to sit back and rejoice on the greater things in life - your highest indulgences + obsessions, avoiding all the strife! So I'd like to share with you my obsession with fine shrubbery + I assure you too will be feeling all kinds of googley-eyed and rubbery. There are few things better than a perfectly shrubbed estate, all lined with astutely trimmed hedges - let me tell you, my heart goes pitter-patter and way off the chart of normal pitter-pattering ledges. Wouldn't you agree?

Just close your eyes, take a sip + follow the cypress-tree road!



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