MRS. 2015 President's Day Sale


It's the lady we've all been waiting for - with a handful of noteworthy sales, that's for sure! Mrs. President's Day is one heck of a bargainer, she's downright dirty...the chic + designerly arbiter! She knows color pairings like the back of her hand, she masters shelf-styling + is known for making the mundane much more daring. So join me as we gather 'round + gawk at all the exceptional sales she's found! 


West Elm - Industrial Pendant / Wool Dhurrie / Hallway Organizer / Salt Cellar

Target - Bulbous Floor Lamp / Patterned Sham / Rugby Sham / Ceramic Pitcher / Industrial Stools / Circles Rug


Mrs. Powder



If ever there were a beauty secret to be both celebrated and shared - it'd be the daily practice of powdering, a praxis in which nothing else can compare! The glory days of ceremoniously holding court at one's vanity are over - that said, I'm here re-illuminate the art of daily powdering by giving it full exposure. Whether it be perfumed, shimmering, or just plain talcum - an all over dusting will promote your status from miss to MADAME. For purposes of staying fresh + dry - an added satin-silkiness will waft and satisfy. Don't be shy, or even worse cheap - puff-puff your whole body, every crevice, every cheek. What you'll notice upon proper powdering - is that you'll feel just that much more pretty and flowering. I not only approve, but also practice - I preach it here, in hopes you too become a powdering benefactress!

puff-puff, kiss-kiss, 


Shelley Kyle Powder Puff / Pedestal Powder Vessel / Caron Powder Puffs / Vintage Caron Powder Box / Mosser Eyewinker Vanity Jar / Blue Powder Puff / Johnson's Baby Powder


Wintertime Sunshine


When February has only begun + the weather lady has brought nothing but mr. beaming sun - it's nearly impossible not to sit + dwindle over warm-weather activities and all their long gone fun! San Diego is sporting 80 degree weather this entire week, so you bet i'm itching for a poolside ensemble thats undoubtedly trĂ©s chic!

#1 - She's simplistic + clean - on the hunt for a tan that's every bit of mean! (suit / sunnies)

#2 - She's rowdy + strident - her loud punchy color is sure to enlighten! (suit / sunnies)

#3 - She's playful + classic - having not met her would be utterly tragic (suit / sunnies)

#4 - She's confident + bold - a fit little lady with a fire incapable of any control (suit / sunnies)



Love is in the Air



It's always the sweet nothings that simply up the ante - like a set of sequined Nippies, in leiu of a slinky panty. Really though, there's nothing quite like a pair of boudoir cuffs - a most fantastical surprise whilst canoodling in the buffs! Going the extra mile with 3lbs. of chocolates instead of one - a foofy pair of bedroom slippers, even a glittering nail can be second to none! Go all out, make the extra effort - trust me, your post-valentine recap will have to be censored! 

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