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Summer Polishes and Baubles


Allow me to introduce you to a few of my favorite Summertime friends. They are the gals responsible for my various sunshine-y trends. Nothing looks (and feels) better than your very own glammed up hands - bright, bold, or subtle will always defend and command. So here go the introductions, be sure to pay attention, because each and every piece is worth a special mention...

Mrs. Hollywood Glam: Holly Westhoff Cuff (25% OFF with code mrslilien25) + NARS Polish

Mrs. Sweet as Honey: BaubleBar Script Name Cuff + Deborah Lippman Polish

Mrs. Beach-y Babe: AURÉLIE Cuff + Essie Polish

Mrs. Nature Embracer: Winden Embrace Cuff + elf Polish


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The Summer Face


It's a 'must-do' routine, a daily regimen and one totally worth the summer haul - A'MEN!!!! It'll have you feeling more rejuvenated than ever, knowing that your Summer face is on + displayed whenever, wherever, and for whomever.

Welcome yourself to the MRS. Summer skin regime: there are 6 MRS essentials that do it for me - the hottest commodities that my Summer face totally needs. It thrives off a good bronzing, thick lashes + luscious lips. But what would a true sunny-months face be without rosy cheeks + perfectly manicured brows?! 

Think about it. Get it. Master it.

You're Welcome.


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I certainly didn't keep my Hawaiian vacay a secret - nor the fact that I took my delicious tan to the deepest. So now that I'm back to reality and my glorious tropical tan is but a memory - I'm facing off with the damage b removing the vacation quite expertly. It's a twice daily ritual that's really rather unfussy - yet the results are astonishing and my skin is lookin' money!! It begins with the almighty Clairsonic and a dab of Origins cleanser - which results in a 2 minute buffing where all evil will surrender. This is then followed by the holy grail of age reversal - A slathering of Restorsea Day Cream + Eye Cream (aka: nirvana for your epidermal!!) Lastly a dot or 3 of Dr. Jart's V7 Vital Laser - a power packed sun spot murdering eraser. Voila, this it it! It's  simple, I'll admit. That said, the unsightly leftover of my tropical escapades - are steadfastly diminishing with each passing of the days. What I presume will victoriously prevail - is a glowing complexion a la nonpareil!

Clairsonic AriaRestorsea Rejuvenating Day Cream / Restorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream / Origins, Checks + Balances Cleanser / Dr. Jart V7 Vital Laser 2.1

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