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Etsy Obsessions


My most recent internet dwellings have resided in a paradise of playful + punchy discoveries!!! Etsy has officially been named the MRS' ultimate retail therapy. I cannot begin to express these items i've encountered - each fulfilling their every duty as my profound sanity-saver and spiritual grounder. The Pool Boy Bell that really rings can seriously make my heart stop beating but my lungs still sing! The flamingo wall decals, the pom beach attire - the brilliant circular beach blankets that fulfill my daily desires!!! I need it all, I must, I really REAAAALLLY do! Have I gone utterly mad or are YOU obsessed TOO?!


SHOP 1 / SHOP 2 / SHOP 3 / SHOP 4

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Aloha Mrs. IKEA


Although now a faraway land from my island-dwelling self - I firmly stand by IKEA + all of it's treasure bearing shelves. A gal goes straight to heaven among climbing the organized smattering of AFFORDABLE homewares. I don't, oh I DO, dare!!! 

Are you still recovering from the above tropical discovery?! They're stepping up their game, that's for bleep-ity sure, I've got beads of sweaty excitement seeping from my every PORE! How I wish I could throw everything + its mother into my island car + head for home - as I could but a few weeks ago when I was in my Cali-zone. 


Bamboo Shade / Red Textile Cord / Potted Dragon Tree / Green Chair / Rechargeable Battery Pack / Dimmable Bulb / Seat Cushions / Assorted HooksBeach BagSide Table 


Obsessed much?



Nary a day goes by that I don't discover something new to obsess over. It's a bitter sweet disease and one that requires heaps of composure. Sipping whilst clicking is both highly dangerous yet intoxicatingly bewitching! When I find myself is such a lustful click + buy pickle - I force myself to Pin the object of desire instead, and revisit it pre-tipple! When I return sound-minded - I'm apt to discern need form not and follow through accordingly + decided. If you're anything like me, this is a rather common occurrence - But, fear not! Just play it safe and Pin it... it's the perfect hasty purchase deterrence!

1 Ikea Solar Glowing Pear / 2 Cynthia Rowley, No. 81 frames / 3 OMG Pill Sculpture 4 Tassel Necklace / 5 Banana Salt + Pepper Shakers / 6 Original Vintage Pucci Pillows / 7 WTF Pill Sculpture

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As of late, i've been endlessly obsessing over grouping, assembling + aligning and there's been no worthier subject than bold book shelving. I crave it, I dream it, practically crying out in my sleep - anything for my very own shelving space, one just like these! They're exceptionally bizarre and I love every bit of it - just wait, once you start looking you'll refuse to sit. Pinterest is my weakness and I'm fully's seriously comparable to Fifty Shades of Grey, BEWARE! Remember when you couldn't peel your eyes from the pages, when the clock struck 3am and sleep was deemed outrageous. That's how it's been and i'm wholeheartedly guilty, but the eye candy at our disposal is so tempting it's filthy!!! 


Sources: Domain Home's 15 Libraries in Unexpected Places + Decoist's 40 Home Library Design Ideas

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