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Mrs. Approved Storage Vessels



When it comes to stowing your loot, it doesn't always mean 'shove everything you own into a clunky plastic bin + call it a day! On the contrary, the need for extra storage can allow for various vessels in which to keep your clutter away. Such vessels can truly be life enhancing - the mere thought of acquiring a covetable cache pot is utterly enchanting. No matter the size, importance or medium - you can easily justify a sacred home that's both proper and premium. I own nearly half of the above + each one holds personal tid bits that I so deeply love. I preach the abolishment of contemptible clutter - and the inundation of splendid storage vessels that set your heart aflutter. Go ahead and lift your shameful hoarding veil - for as long as it's stowed out of sight, you truly cannot fail! 

1. Little Sturdy Drawers 2. Gridlock Neon Wire Basket 3. Globo Box 4. Glitter Canister 5. Touch Tone Wall Hanger 6. Claude Storage Cabinet


MRS. Picnicking Essentials



Hi ho the derry-o a picnicking we will go! Whether you spread out on the sand or a grassy plateau - I've compiled the essentials that you'll want to bestow. If you're a diehard beach goer, then a Beach Sheet, insulated tote + baby powder should be mainstays in your kit. A parkster at heart? Then a sturdy picnic blanket, classic basket + a can of wetones is your go-to equip. Regardless the setting one thing's for certain - a multitude of fabby paper goods are essential for any outdoor eating excursion! With Summer nearing a close, you best get picnicking - and if you're the type that needs an extra push, well... I'm absolutely insisting!

Tally Ho!


BEACH: The Beach Sheet / Harlequin Paper Plates / Yellow Scalloped Paper PlatesYellow Scalloped Paper Napkins / Harlequin Paper Cups / Insulated Tote Bag / Baby Powder

PARK: The Grass Is Greener Picnic Blanket / Black Scalloped Paper Plates / Gold Stripe Paper Plates / Black Scalloped Paper Napkins / Black Scalloped Paper Cups / Picnic Basket / Wet Ones

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Cocktailing with Chairish


When it comes to Cocktailing accoutrements, I go hog-wild. Patio pickings are an ultimate fave, the idea of outdoor sprucing makes me wanna say “screw my savings” and totally misbehave! I’m an all-out kind of gal... once I get started, there’s no coming back - it’s this freakishly exciting occurrence that comes in a full-fledged attack!! My Palmer Patio is all about the high-class, pinky-raisers, a space that welcomes the chin-uppers and all us wealthy make-believers! 

Fun Seating / Fab Planters / Vintage Sip Servers / Additional Seating: Floor Cushions, West Elm Striped Runner / Vintage 'ware

A three-piece collection can totally suffice with a few stand-out pieces. A spot for you and your love to sit + sip in a space thats relaxed, yet cheerful + totally hip. This patio ensemble has me dreaming of Piña coladas in a well-foliaged backyard cali cottage. I am a total daydreamer and a dangerously hopeful space schemer. But how can you resist when you’re confronted with a handful of pieces like THIS?!

Vintage Wicker Planters / Candlesticks / Yellow Wishbone Chairs / Laminate Table / Vino Glasses / Pressed Glass Ashtray 

How to Win: Visit the Giveaway page + enter your e-mail address HERE for a chance to win $100 to Chairish + my cocktail swatchbook

Not a sweepstakes type-a-gal? Don’t fret, go on + check out my Chairish collection - a bountiful assortment of #mrsapproved cocktailing pieces.

Contemplating selling some of YOUR fab vintage pieces? Here is how you sell your loot on Chairish straight from your iPhone!

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The NEW Kitchen Necessities



Long gone are the days of the electric can opener + counter-top ice crusher - there's a new class of kitchen necessities ready to discover! Sure, some are my personal faves / things I can't live without - others are things I too am desperate to bring about. What's not to love about colorful rolling carts + candy colored bar stools?! Not to mention hanging fruit baskets + housing for those paper towel spools! You can't forget about a that fabulous countertop novelty light - or that sensational speaker that serenades your dish washing night. What ever your fancy, one things remains undoubting - spirited kitchen loot is certainly worth scouting + touting!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 / 14


Oh My Palms!!



I leave you this Friday with something so glorious I almost can't find the words - specimens so undeniably fabulous it makes my eyes hurt! These magnificently massive metallic palm trees are truly things of legend - I imagine only a mere handful exist and must be rather rare I reckon. Vintage relics such as these are clearly prized possessions - and have quickly become one of my latest MRS obsessions!! Perhaps one day I'll stumble upon one of these prized morsels and make it my own - I'd shave my eyebrows off to have one of these babies in my home!!


Happy Weekending!!



Maison Jansen palm tree floor lampAluminum Palm Tree 





One step inside San Diego's El Camino Restaurant - and I'm inspirationally ambushed, creatively bombed!! This mexican joint is a mecca of high color + bold decorative statements - a place that evokes the need to revamp your own space + make it just as awesomely audacious! Having a meal there and contemplating your home decor can be rather treacherous - for your need to go crazy + repaint your whole house will be most generous! Why not paint your front door Blooming Fuchsia?! Or, stencil bold Cool Cobalt flowers all over your entry way, hallelujah!! Perhaps an adventurous black and white statement wall is more your speed - then a can of Onyx Black is really all you need! What ever your fancy or level of creative ambition - Glidden's got your back + is capable of fueling any wild painting expedition. Go ahead and rid yourself of decorating doubt - get inspired, paint it up bold + make this MRS proud!!!

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DIY Duct Tape Lanterns



Whoever thinks duct tape is but just another item in their hubby's ten-foot-tall pile of things of no use (admit it, 99.9% of you) I must demand you rethink this theory and call it truce! Yes, that's right, the unthinkable is gettin' real so sit back + read on as I go on my little 3m scotch-lovin' shpiel. Scotch-loving...the Mrs? You don't dare say! This time (the one and only) the reference lay not with an alcoholic bevvy, but scotch duct tape! (yes, way!) I, not long ago, would be right there beside you rolling my eyes... at the thought of scotch duct tape doing anything other than something I wholeheartedly despise. Here comes the twist, they brilliantly came out with a brand-spankin' new line of Scotch® Colors & Patterns Duct Tape  boasting color options of white, yellow, neon green + hot pink.. all totally divine! That's when it hit me there's gotta be something I can do... to replace the hubby's collection without giving him the obvious + insulting clue. Turn it into a pretty project with just enough leftover for him, too!! (brilliance, I know) An affordable, colorful + fun DIY all in the midst of my little white lie! So all you wives trying to pretty up your hubby's pile of not-so-pretty junk, take my advice + make some home decor with serious spunk!!! Step-by-step video tutorials for other fun + colorful DIYs can be found on this Pinterest Page and on this Twitter feed

 Happy taping! XXX!



This post is a collaboration with Scotch® Colors & Pattern Duct Tape Brand. Join the community at or visit to learn more.



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The Pre-Fold



I've always been wildly clear about professing my love of laundry - it's an obsession that runs deep within my veins, an act that I honor staunchly! Throughout my laundressing practices, I've acquired many secrets - all of which have aided me in reaching my laundry wielding zenith. One of said laundry secrets I've picked up along the way - is that of the PRE-FOLD, in which I've decided to share with you all today! As a woman of HIGH-laundress status, I'm a stickler when it comes to folding - a poorly folded load is something I will forever be loathing! That said, as a busy mother of 3, finding time to fold can be well, a little bit tricky. That's when I call upon my Pre-Folding skills - a quicky, easy + load saving solution thats totally BRILLS!! Once I hear the chime from the dryer signifying its completion - I promptly administer the fluff + stack technique and with good reason! What happens next is a laundresses wet dream - for the weight of the warm stack presses out all the wrinkles, thus eliminating the need to iron + steam!!! I then leave said stack for a lovely little private window of folding opportunity - this then results in a load thats been executed + folded rather beautifully!!

Oh go on and TRY it, I triple dog dare you!!


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Mrs. Lilien + the Great Closet Purge



Tip #1: Every closet gains it's flair + sparkle from their particular owner: the young, the old + the matriarchal. Each individual must fight several battles first in order for their closet to be perfectly reversed. Per se, those whom bask in hanging clothes must prioritize bar-space + shelf-lovers are mostly foldy-fans who find clothes-hanging an utter disgrace! Same goes for mirrors, drawers, and cubbies; choose what you want + make it ifs, ands, or butt-ys!

Tip #2: Now there are a few simple ways to optimize all closet spaces (small + large), so let me break down a quick remodel sans the hefty credit charge! When summer comes around throw outerwear in a heap + dig til you find a airtight bag for under the bed or buy em' where they're cheap! And vice versa, when fall comes i've got an idea!! Unload that bag full of outerwear and to all the tanks, shorts + skirts yell "SEE YA!". We must never forget the importance of a de-crowded closet and remember the rule to teach our sons + daughters: For every new piece, one must find a new home...just trust me, it's the ONLY way to avoid a meltdown + find yourself on the MRS. Organization throne!

Tip#3: Last but not least, if you have a few bucks + elbow grease to share, i'd get right to purchasing the above-listed additions (they really are life-changing, I wholeheartedly swear!!!) A step-ladder is essential as we now know the secret of that way high-up + unreachable spot for all women with grabby tots + teens with their parental-condemned pot. As for the drawers in the cubbies, be sure to use space wisely. As a big ole' lump of clean underwear isn't nearly as lovely looking as a pair of Christian Louboutin's paired nicely. So keep the underwear in the drawers + shoes in the cubbies and you will forever thank me (OMG lifetime buddies!)

You can find more of my favorite ORGANIZATION ideas on this Pinterest board!



Waiting on Martha // Top Picks



Yes indeed, you read it right + I must say it's quite the mid-week delight! A cup of tea, a swig of booze, whatever floats your boat + lights your fuse. MY mid-week bliss is a total jaw-dropper, it's all things's Waiting on Martha! An online shop that's got just about everything + always leaves me blatently "oohing + aahing".

Since your's truly has been selected as September's guest curator, you lucky readers get to take a ride on the WOM golden escalator! As you click through the shop or my top picks in particular, feel free to use the code (and be a good listener!) The code must be just right so it's time to take's easy to remember + worth a good gloat! The code is MRS15, be sure to enter at checkout for 15% off it's well worth the time + indeed deserves a jump, clap + a shout!

Happy Shopping! Xxx!


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Bedroom Bliss



Do you ever pause to ponder what it would take to get the most out of your bedroom experience?! The answer isn't far fetched or mysterious!! The simple rule is that as long as it's fabby - it's bound to be effervescently happy! We all have our own tastes + particular color inclinations - so it's really just a 'choose your own adventure' when it comes to these kinds of combinations. A year or so ago, on a whim, I decided to paint our bedroom jungle green - and then kept our bedding all white, crisp + clean. While taking my own pondering pause not too long ago - I decided we needed to jazz up our little sleeping bungalow. Adding a baby to our room certainly will have it's own colorful additions - but I was thinking more along the lines of colorful pillow provisions. So I took to my sources + snatched up some splashy bedroom flair - the final result? Well take a look up there ^. It goes without saying that I now have a vibrantly blissful space - and while it took some time to bring together, it's a fabby room that's been successfully set ablaze!

Photo by Joie La La / Styling by The Hostess Haven / Serena + Lily Coral Lamu Sham / Serena + Lily Coral Boarder Frame Shame / Serena + Lily Coral Gobi Embroidered Sheet Set / Flamingo Pillow


Mrs. Cluster



Step inside, have yourself a seat - welcome to my Mrs. office, it's pretty damn upbeat!! While this may only be but a tiny snippet of my creative headquarters - it's evolved into a space sans rules or borders. Usually it's a little disheveled and always off-kilter - as is my Mrs. aesthetic sans it's proper ladylike filter. Apologize for it!? Oh, it'll NEVER happen - for a Mrs. with a confident sense of self, is one heroic madame!!

Have a FABBY weekend!!




The Laundress's Line



Summer laundering is truly one of my greatest passions - pinning up our household's freshly cleaned fashions - brings me pleasures you'd be hard pressed to fathom. Luckily for us my line stays up nearly all year long - allowing my obsession to carry on strong. What's made taken my lining to a whole new level - are these latest outdoor laundering sundries I've deemed utterly essential. First, if you don't have a set of fabby pins, then what's the point? You might as well just take your dirties down to the local fluff n' fold joint!! Did you know there are now SCENTED PINS?! A new invention that'll win anyones laundry heart, I'm convinced! And howabout marked bins and my all time fav, the on-line pin bin - laundry line naysayers.... these babies are for the win!! I can't encourage enough the art of line drying - it'll change your life (for the better) the second you start trying!

So, have you a laundry line?? If you show me yours, I'll show you MINE!! @tweet or @instagram me a photo of your line + I'll reciprocate with candid shots of mine!



Fabby Pins / Marked Bins / Retractable Line / On-line Pin Bin / Scented Pins

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Mommy Dearest



Take it from this mom of (almost) three - this is what she really wants, if she's anything like me. Sure she wants flowers, handmade cards, and cocktails in bed - but she also isn't opposed to lemon quartz baubles instead. There isn't a mom on this planet that wouldn't love a celebratory liquid lunch - however I'm sure a punchy tote would give her the same thrill... just a hunch. So, if mommy has a certain MRS taste - you can bet your bottom $$$ that none of these would go to waste!

Mrs. Godfrey Chair / Tory Burch Tote / Initial Necklace / Veuve Cliquot Fridge / Lemon Quartz Ring / Lemon Quartz Earrings / Christian Louboutin iPad Case

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The Winter Kitchen



The seasonal kitchen + closet are much alike - when winter moves in, the summer cook/wear takes a hike. Winter is meant for nurturing the extra layer - for serving up steaming hot delights laden with rich savory flavor. We all have our go-to vessels that mother our slow-cooked masterpieces - and with the many meals we use them for, their importance only increases. I myself am a Dutch oven devotee - a not to be missed winter kitchen necessity, I guarantee! Among other items in my winter cooking repertoire - would be my butter warmer + braising superstar! While I do consider myself a goddess of summer - I must say I'm a bit of a BOSS when it comes to the winter supper!

So... let me ask you, if I may - what's your winter kitchen neccessit-ay? 

DO tell!

Ladel + Strainer / Ceramic Coffee Pot / Butter Warmer / Braiser / Soup Bowls / Enamel Mothering Pot


Get OH-Ganized!



So my Hawaiian vacay has set me back on my 2013 OH-ganizing - but now that I'm home, I'm on the program and it's pretty exciting! Out with the old, tired, useless + ugly - an in with the smart, enterprising, functional + lovely! My own personal weaknesses are my spice cabinet, cupboards, closet + drawers - basically all the places that I tend to ignores. So I'm making haste and getting my act together - the mere thought of such task brings me endless pleasure! I'm gonna give myself a few weeks to set everything straight - and I'm sure when I'm done my naughty nooks will look better than GREAT!

Wish me luck!

Striped Bin / Wood Hangers / Tierd Wire Basket / Le Creuset Crock / Twine Depot / Wrapping Station


Holiday Debauchery


Every now n' again you really must get tanked - and throw all caution to the wind until you're sublimely plagued. It's that time of year when the festivities are rich - and where impromptu parties commence at the flip of a switch. There's absolutely zero shame in seeing pink elephants every once in a while - just as long as it's done with gusto and in high style! So take full advantage of this debaucherous season - and uproariously light things up with frivolous freedom. I'm taking the weekend as I plan to do just that - mark my word, come New Years Eve I'll be back!

Images Joie La La / Styling Sitting in a Tree / Art Direction Mrs. Lilien / Flowers Root 75 / Wardrobe Ms Vintage

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Fabu-Festive Flames


The invites went out weeks ago, the big night is almost here - you've masterminded a holiday soiree that's set to shake the stratosphere. The hosted cocktail has been concocted, the bar cart fully stocked - catering is booked and you're tickled with the frock you just bought! And then it hits you, "Egad! My holiday accents... why, they've got to be GORGE!" - fear not troubled toastmistress, I've swooped in to lend you my support! Wether it's last minute festoonery, or precisely planed props - festive frill will add a fabby layer of  flare to your felicitous facade! What better time than now to put those flashy baubles to use -  you'll bowl over at how a little bling can easily glamorize + seduce. Perhaps you bejewel your prominent lanterns, or even string them on a garland - add them to a cernterpiece to make it extra awesome! What ever your whim or whimsy I offer you up my festive modus operandi - once you feast upon this pinterest board, you'll be inspired to take things up a notchy! Make merry with your sparkling accoutrements, give them their time to shine - what you'll discover is that they'll simply turn the ordinary into the divine!

Hurricane / Pillar / Clear Gems / Silver GarlandCharming Charlie Jewels


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Mrs Baleboste


You know you're gonna win when your standing in Mrs. Baleboste's kitchen - her festive arena so smokin' hot it'll have you schwitzin'! She's always so painfully on point - from her fabby ensemble to her elevated choice of gold foiled chocolate coin. She runs a tight ship and it certainly shows - take one step in into her home and perfection overflows. If ever there were a Hanukkah invite you'd pay buckets to receive - it'd be that belonging to Mrs. Baleboste, I do so wholeheartedly believe!



Heros of the Torah Coasters / Blue Explosion Earrings / Illamasqua Silver Nail Polish / Oscar De La Renta Dress / Lancôme Silver Shadow / Gianvito Rossi PumpsPeacock  Menorah

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There is something to be said about making a colorful entrance - perhaps leaving an inspiring mark on others to pursue a like semblance? It's no secret that a remarkable statement provokes an inspired influence - be it bold, clear cut or ambiguous - it most often leads to the creation of something ingenious! Personally, I love a vivacious door - especially a saturated one that leaves you wanting more. It's a genius and easy way to fab up a facade - and a well played move in which to score a lust-worthy promenade! I say why the heck not try it out, you've got absolutely nothing to lose! Thanks to Valspar (my fave paint ever!) if you don't love the color, they'll gift you another that you simply can't refuse! Let this DOORspiration serve as the little push you need - to do something delightfully bold indeed!

Valspar LOVE YOUR COLOR Guarantee

Later Gator / Cherry on Top / Couture / Sea Seeker

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