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Glammy Bits + Bobs



Sometimes all a gal needs is just a pinch of glam to spice up her day... or perhaps even change her life, come what may! Who's to say a dusting of blue eyeshadow won't add skip to your step?! Or, clipping on some ear bling wouldn't nourish you with zesty pep?! Lets face it friends, happiness lies within glammy bits + bobs - it's what separates the ladies from the knobs!! I've thus granted you permission to step up your glammy game - go on and try it on for size, I promise your life will never be the same!!!

DO IT!!!



Blue Pigment Eyeshadow / Ear Bling / Hot Pink Fluff / Coral Kiss / Glittering Lips / Finger Bling

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Fall Scents of 2013



Per my very sad + very empty shelf where fabulous scents once stood tall and proud, I had no other choice but to go on one very serious hunt. Lets face it, a hardy sock can temporarily hush the stench of a smelly foot but body odor, now that can be one hell of a locomotor. Every gal must do as follows: swipe on the best of the best deodorants (like this one!), pick a "parfum" of the season, do 3-4 sprays + remember, where there's a rhyme there's a reason!! Any and every true lady knows the importance of a good, classy scent...i've never regretted a scent dollar i've spent! So I bestow on you, the fully fab-proofed scents of fall that are all undoubtedly #MRSapproved!  



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Oh Joy // What To Give a New Mrs. Momma


oh-joy-mrs-lilien 01.jpg

"When your friend or loved on has a new baby, I like to make their life easier in any small way I can by keeping the new parents well-fed. Since I'm often in another city or state and unable to bring over a homemade meal, I love sending something to their front door that's ready to go or super easy to make. They will love it and thank you when they're so wrapped up in their new baby bliss that they've forgotten to eat!

Make breakfast easy with fancy pancake mix and Stu's Bloody Mary Mix. For lunch (or really any time of day), give them a selection cheeses and charcuterie that she couldn't have while pregnant. Finally, give them a little night cap with a good decaf coffee and special delivery of Jeni's Ice cream."



Waiting on Martha // Top Picks



Yes indeed, you read it right + I must say it's quite the mid-week delight! A cup of tea, a swig of booze, whatever floats your boat + lights your fuse. MY mid-week bliss is a total jaw-dropper, it's all things's Waiting on Martha! An online shop that's got just about everything + always leaves me blatently "oohing + aahing".

Since your's truly has been selected as September's guest curator, you lucky readers get to take a ride on the WOM golden escalator! As you click through the shop or my top picks in particular, feel free to use the code (and be a good listener!) The code must be just right so it's time to take's easy to remember + worth a good gloat! The code is MRS15, be sure to enter at checkout for 15% off it's well worth the time + indeed deserves a jump, clap + a shout!

Happy Shopping! Xxx!


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