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Glammy Bits + Bobs



Sometimes all a gal needs is just a pinch of glam to spice up her day... or perhaps even change her life, come what may! Who's to say a dusting of blue eyeshadow won't add skip to your step?! Or, clipping on some ear bling wouldn't nourish you with zesty pep?! Lets face it friends, happiness lies within glammy bits + bobs - it's what separates the ladies from the knobs!! I've thus granted you permission to step up your glammy game - go on and try it on for size, I promise your life will never be the same!!!

DO IT!!!



Blue Pigment Eyeshadow / Ear Bling / Hot Pink Fluff / Coral Kiss / Glittering Lips / Finger Bling

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Fall Scents of 2013



Per my very sad + very empty shelf where fabulous scents once stood tall and proud, I had no other choice but to go on one very serious hunt. Lets face it, a hardy sock can temporarily hush the stench of a smelly foot but body odor, now that can be one hell of a locomotor. Every gal must do as follows: swipe on the best of the best deodorants (like this one!), pick a "parfum" of the season, do 3-4 sprays + remember, where there's a rhyme there's a reason!! Any and every true lady knows the importance of a good, classy scent...i've never regretted a scent dollar i've spent! So I bestow on you, the fully fab-proofed scents of fall that are all undoubtedly #MRSapproved!  



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Oh Joy // What To Give a New Mrs. Momma


oh-joy-mrs-lilien 01.jpg

"When your friend or loved on has a new baby, I like to make their life easier in any small way I can by keeping the new parents well-fed. Since I'm often in another city or state and unable to bring over a homemade meal, I love sending something to their front door that's ready to go or super easy to make. They will love it and thank you when they're so wrapped up in their new baby bliss that they've forgotten to eat!

Make breakfast easy with fancy pancake mix and Stu's Bloody Mary Mix. For lunch (or really any time of day), give them a selection cheeses and charcuterie that she couldn't have while pregnant. Finally, give them a little night cap with a good decaf coffee and special delivery of Jeni's Ice cream."



Waiting on Martha // Top Picks



Yes indeed, you read it right + I must say it's quite the mid-week delight! A cup of tea, a swig of booze, whatever floats your boat + lights your fuse. MY mid-week bliss is a total jaw-dropper, it's all things's Waiting on Martha! An online shop that's got just about everything + always leaves me blatently "oohing + aahing".

Since your's truly has been selected as September's guest curator, you lucky readers get to take a ride on the WOM golden escalator! As you click through the shop or my top picks in particular, feel free to use the code (and be a good listener!) The code must be just right so it's time to take's easy to remember + worth a good gloat! The code is MRS15, be sure to enter at checkout for 15% off it's well worth the time + indeed deserves a jump, clap + a shout!

Happy Shopping! Xxx!


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Le Royal Bebe



Planning on sending a gift for the Royal babe? Need some direction on what's considered "royal taste"? I've pulled a few classics from the vault - goodies that are certain to bring any mothering duchess to a screeching halt. Let it be known, a mothering royal boasts a rather discerning palate - and paralelling such high inclination requires a particularly keen gifting talent. Take note of the above assemblage - look beyond its pricey message - and gift with the intention of making a posh investment!

Kensington Pram / Sterling Sipper / Herm├ęs Bootays / Steiff Lamby / Money Tube / Tiffy Spoon / Tiffy Brush / Posh Snuggy/


MRS. Diaper Bag



Everyone knows that a mama-to-be has quite the preparation list to oversee! All the prim, prepping + priming that a little one needs isn't easy to do without help that exceeds. So allow me to step forth, your mom in shining armor, to present to you a diaper bag that'll conquer! Every wee-one necessity piled up in one fabby bag...a duty that doing yourself could be quite the drag. Below are the pieces, read from left to right...everything a click away + quite a delight! 

Baby's loot: DiapersBottle+WarmerSoothiesUltimate OintmentTravel WipesMittensBootiesOnesie

Bottom-of-the-bag treasures: Stroller blanket,  TRUFFLE clutchchanging paddiaper pouch 


Not to mention, us mama's need a bag of our own filled with loot that may just happen to include... YSL color for the lips, shades that give baggy-eyes a miraculous fix, a five-hour energy for a groggy-erase + last but not least...a durable, chic phone case.



Mommy Dearest



Take it from this mom of (almost) three - this is what she really wants, if she's anything like me. Sure she wants flowers, handmade cards, and cocktails in bed - but she also isn't opposed to lemon quartz baubles instead. There isn't a mom on this planet that wouldn't love a celebratory liquid lunch - however I'm sure a punchy tote would give her the same thrill... just a hunch. So, if mommy has a certain MRS taste - you can bet your bottom $$$ that none of these would go to waste!

Mrs. Godfrey Chair / Tory Burch Tote / Initial Necklace / Veuve Cliquot Fridge / Lemon Quartz Ring / Lemon Quartz Earrings / Christian Louboutin iPad Case

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Love is in the air



So if you haven't pre-purchased your lover something fabby - well then, looks like you better get crafty! I'm no DIY-er, but I sure can spot a good one when I see one - I've stumbled across a couple that look rather lovely and mighty fun! Leave the flowers at the market - and channel your inner DIY artist. What you'll end up with will be far more superior - and let's face it perfectly un-perfect and down right prettier! Whom ever your showering with valentine love - you ought to do your best to make them feel like your special little dove. 

Celebrating Everyday Life: Milk & Cookies Valentine / Lauren Conrad: Sweet & Simple Valentine / Honeybee Vintage: Paper Heat WallCamille Styles: DIY Fold & Send Valentines


All HE Wants...



Let's face it, most men are pretty simple - from their laid back demeanor to their charming cheek dimple - it doesn't take much to make their hearts sizzle! His happiness can easily be found in beer, meat, chocolate or sex - gift them all at once and his heart is sure to flex! However since it's Valentines Day, you ought to swing for the good stuff - despite their breezy spirit, men do appreciate a little fluff.  It's the weekend so get off your duff and get busy - it's time to send your man into a valentine tizzy!

Craft Cerveza / Peter Luger Steaks / Chocolate Heart Attack / Naughty Number





Oh no siree bob - my wants are many, I'm a bit of a gift snob! The chocolates are a must and should show up without question - they are a vday requirement, not a suggestion. What gets piled on top are the sweet nothings of my heart's affection - be it panties, bubbly or bling... I really have no objection. Keep em' coming + keep em' sweet - it's the excessive add-ons that will make my valentines day complete!

Wrist Candy / Ferocious Flats / Hotsy-Totsy / Bottle-O-Bub / Fabby Read / Sweet Scent

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All I want for Vday...



It's Febby, one of my most favorite months - a festive time to shower the ones that you loves! I've gone ahead and done my duties - I've selected goodies for all my beloved cuties. So, to make things easy I thought I'd just go ahead and make it certain - that I most definitely wouldn't mind  the 3lb heart box from See's, similar to the above version. Yes, I know it's big and obscene - but... it's what I want need! You know you've seen them + secretly hoped they'd show up - who wouldn't want to get 3lbs of chocolate love?!  So, I'm putting it out there to the almighty universe - in hopes that on Valentines day, I get what I wholeheartedly deserve. 

Sees Heart Boxes


Mrs. Guilty Pleasures #4



It's the tipping point, the moment your pupils begin to dilate - you've got to satisfy an intense sugar itch, it's not up for debate! It's your "I-may-need-to-hide-in-the-dark-closet-while-I shamelessly-devour this" treat - the naughty bit you lunge for when everything is obsolete. My crack presents itself in three different forms - Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts, Girls Scout Somoas, and Hubba Bubba Grape Gum... aka my candy porn. This trifecta of unadulterated sweet pleasure - takes me to places of wildly saccharin splendor. I wouldn't share but a crumb, not even when begged - oh no siree bob, not when I'm meddling in this masquerade. I hoard and I hide making it all the more pleasurable - and the sheer delight I get from it is purely immeasurable. So there, I've typed it out for all the world to see - now it's your turn to tell me what tooth rotting bonbon sends you on a frantic sugar spree!! Go on, don't be shy - tell me what it is and why!!

Giant Chewy Sweet Tarts / Girls Scout Somoas / Hubba Bubba Grape Gum / JA Uppers / JA Qualudes / JA Poppers

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For The Boys



Men's leisure getup has really come along way - offed is the tight wife beater + jorts (jean shorts) from back in the day?! Well, hip hip hooray! Nowadays the casual gent can mosey about rather nattily - and let's face it, probably a bit more happily! Boys will be boys but it's not to say they mustn't look comely - they can still go about their shenanigans whilst feeling relaxed + comfy! Yay for cute boys / dudes / bros / men + yay for this upcoming weekend!



Wood Sunglasses / Aloha Sunday Tee / Aloha Sunday Cam Trunks / Heineken / Rainbow Slippers / Ray Ban Cats 5000 Sunglasses / Aloha Tee / Aloha Sunday Parkman Trunks / Mucho Aloha Beer / Locals Slippers

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Cue the Thank Yous


The gifts were plentiful, the wrapping jobs just right - oh the surprises, oh the delight! Now that the holiday is officially behind us - it's time to sit down with a stack of thank you cards beside us! With joy radiating from our every orifice - it's the perfect time to bestow our thanks and nobleness. Since it's that festive time of year its rather fitting to follow suit - by using your fancy stationery and perhaps some sparkly sequins to boot! While your at it, a spritz of your signature scent - will be just the thing to send your thank you right over the edge! So go on and fetch your supplies - and get busy on completing these gratuitous delights!

Thank You Cards / Le Pen / Lady Bird Johnson Stamp / Coco Noir Perfume


Keep Gifting!


Online shopping can be such a doozy—a shopping cart here, a shopping cart there, a dozen browsers open, quite the stressful affair. I've recently began online hoarding of fabby treasures galore, I'm besotted with a site I simply adore! Remember when I dished about Keep not too long ago? Well, it's become my online shopping secret, all have you know!  I've managed to organize the many gifts on my lists - and therefore the dreadful gifting dilemma no longer exists! Additionally, I’ve been keeping a lot of fun holiday gifts… for the hostess, the home, and your inner kitch-y stylist.  Like a shoppable pinterest with the power to buy, Keep’s become my gifting closet looming in the sky. With just a simple little click - I've got great aunty Esmerelda that extra special gift! Since keep has become my secret weapon to score gifts for my crew  - I thought it only necessary to share my Keep wish list with you! This way it takes that pesky guess work out of procuring my holiday endowment - I'm sure you'll select a winner from the various delights I've compounded! 

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Stocking Stuffer Sensations


It's a widely known fact that it is the stocking which proffers the greatest treasures - and is the most beloved ritual that yields the highest of pleasures! Sure you'll have your usual suspects - it wouldn't be right without the mandarin or the lipsmacker gift sets. But, forget not the coveted novelties that seemingly delight us to our core - a hidden gem, the limited edition polish and more! Nary a lady recipient would balk at such provisions - why if anything she'd suspiciously question who helped with these decisions! Stockings are made for the very best surprises - so pull out all the stops and be sure to heed my expert advices!

Plukka Ring / Veuve Clicquot / Sparkle Pouch / Hermes Scarf / Ribbon Pom Pom Keyfob / Lipsmaker / Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook / Cashmere Glittens / Diptyque Baies / Dior Polish, graphic berry, Riviera / Stacked Wines / Stocking

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Deck The Halls


Have you finished your shopping yet? Chances are you have not - perhaps it's Aunty Dot that you might have forgot?! Should you find yourself in needs of goodies and gifts - you ought to tune into Taigan, it's a holiday gift abyss! It's a well stocked treasure trove laden with elevated delights - It boasts goodies for men, women, home, pets and even little sprites! Have yourself a gander and you just might find - that perfect little something that you had in mind! You've got nothing to loose - except for maybe the hours you spend while you peruse!

Ole Smokey Tenessee Apple Pie Moonshine / Hilary Thomas Finial / Hip Flask / Gene Meyer Bow Tie / Favorito Red Poppy Soap / Green Topaz Earrings / Chocolate Butter Grahams / Aiden Gill Shaving Brush / Turquoise Ring / Glass Bunny / Knotted Silk Cufflinks / Aqua Patent Pumps / Cheese + Crackers Set / Clarisonic Mia / Dorothy Draper, Entertaining Is Fun! (first edition) / Santa Maria Novella, Tobacco Toscano Fragrance / Bounkit Drop Earrings

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Hard Core Wrappin'


Stop and ask yourself... "Am I wrap-ready?!" - if the answer is "no" then it's time to stock up on what's currently empty! First and foremost, if you are sans the proper tools you're split outta luck! Yet, with the necessary supplies (loving these ones from Poppin) deco-ing gifts is a slam dunk! Having an array of wrappin' flare on hand is imperative - your gifts and their recipients will be sure to reap the benefit! Find your jam and take it to the max - maybe your a fancy tape person, or known for fabby tags - or perhaps it's your paper that glittering splash. What ever your method being a hard core wrapper - not only makes your gifts delightfully dapper - but will turn any recipient into a happy clapper!!

Poppin Scissors / Poppin Stapler / Glitter Twine / Kraft Wrap / Tinsel Pom / Poppin Neon Tape / Reversable Wrap /Poppin Red Metal Pen / Gift Tag / Glitter Tape / Latke Wrap / Poppin Tape Dispenser / Blue Twine / Poppin Blue Gel Pen

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