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Must-Have Summer Jammies


Set NO.1 - a colorful picking for the girls with an eye for splash and willing to spend a little extra cash.

                   T-Back Cami with Shell Bra $48   //    Neon Aztec Pajama Shorts $72

Set NO.2 - A caszh-comfy set for your typical night with support up-top that'll be sure to excite!              

                               40% OFF this set with code BIGTIME until tomorrow 7/29

Set NO.3 - A night-time playsuit boasting all kinds of comfort... no pulling, no squeezing just a rad + breezy structure! And along with it, a Plum Pretty Sugar Sleep Mask (a MUST in my nighttime kit)

Set NO.4 - Last but not least, this sets got some spunk with a print only a grouchy old hag could seriously debunk. It's one that'll send you to a mental to the tropics, sipping piñas, mules + margs without ANY hesitation.





Do you make like Moby Dick? Do you live the life aquatic? Well then of course you don a  wetsuit when you frolic! Nowadays this species of gear is wildly at the ready - heck even your sister Sue paddles out passed the jetty! I must say, if you're going to wallow in the waves you ought to do it right - zipping yourself into one of these bad boys and you're bound to look dynamite! Who cares if you flop about like a seal pup or even sink - at least you'll look good while splashing around in the drink!

Surf's Up!



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The Summer Baby


Ok mama's it's time to raise your hand high and own up to it because I KNOW i'm not the only one willing to admit! Shopping for your children is a heck of a lotta fun - especially the itsy-bitsy little ones! The smaller the cuter, no matter the price. It's like finding a mini pot of gold in a ginormous stack of white rice. So here's to all you mama's looking for a little splurge - to get your Summer baby in a 'fit he/she totally deserves! 


Color Cued Dude: Hat / Tee / Pants / Shoes

Garden Gal: Tunic / Chambray Bloomers / Shoes

Swim Diapers all here Swim Trunks left. middle. right. Swimsuits left. middle. right.


Mrs. Grand Marshal



I weep for the ones who don't get to partake in the small town 4th parade - I mean, it's almost MORE American than fresh squeezed lemonade! Every year my family, along with every other person in Sahn Diago - line the main drag and patriotically cheer on this festive fiasco. Nary a year passes that we don't see the same thang - but believe it or not it always ends with a celebrated bang! One day, perhaps when I'm at my cutest, old and gray - I hope to be the MRS Grand Marshal of this 4th of July Parade! If granted this wish, I'll solemnly swear to don my patriotic best - and lead the line of festive carnies as they lead their troupes Americana zest!


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Summer Polishes and Baubles


Allow me to introduce you to a few of my favorite Summertime friends. They are the gals responsible for my various sunshine-y trends. Nothing looks (and feels) better than your very own glammed up hands - bright, bold, or subtle will always defend and command. So here go the introductions, be sure to pay attention, because each and every piece is worth a special mention...

Mrs. Hollywood Glam: Holly Westhoff Cuff (25% OFF with code mrslilien25) + NARS Polish

Mrs. Sweet as Honey: BaubleBar Script Name Cuff + Deborah Lippman Polish

Mrs. Beach-y Babe: AURÉLIE Cuff + Essie Polish

Mrs. Nature Embracer: Winden Embrace Cuff + elf Polish


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The Polish/Sandal Showdown


There ain't a showdown like a tootsy showdown. It's all about the pairing of polishes and sandals - getting prepped and primed to avoid a case of the much feared Spring Shambles! A loud color paired with fabby strappy footwear will be positively sure to grasp a good, jealous stare. Don't be afraid to go bold with it - because bold is brilliant and you can totes ROCK IT!

I dare you!!!




Making The Mundane Magnificent



Why not celebrate the daily mundane - make magnificent of what is usually rather lame - by glorifying the conventional with little to no restrain. Might as well paint the garden red - turn weekly duties into a fanciful affair instead - put those gowns to use and knock 'em dead! A Mrs. never needs a reason for dressing to the nines - chores and things are so much better when you make them divine! You'll be absolutely amazed and decidedly delighted - that all things boring can so easily be blighted - when you give into the extravagant pleasure of being capriciously excited!

Photo by, Evan Duning / Teri Jon Gown /  Hose / Howard


Spring Bling



I'm always so damn delighted by the onset of spring - the weather, the flora, and the baubles that it brings! I've selected a typical spring bling smattering - and slapped a few tips together to highlight how they're most flattering. So whether you need to unearth your spring staples from your bauble drawer - or need to run out and buy some more - here's my two cents on styling this season's blingy decor!



Oscar de la Renta Starburst Necklace / Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Necklace / Roberto Cavalli Dragon Necklace / Ek Thongprasert Queen Necklace / Ek Thongprasert Lay Lily Necklace / Lucite Links / Beaded Strands

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Make Mine A Midi



Nary a MRS has been scolded for cutting too ladylike a silhouette - and therefore an investment in a bevy of midi skirts wouldn't bring a sliver of regret. As grand as a maxi, yet more elegant than a mini - in walks the midi and kills it willy nilly! Paired with a suave chambray shirt that's been popped, cuffed + tucked - you've got yourself an ensemble that's tough to trump! If you haven't midi'd yet, well you should - this ladylike silhouette is fab and fab, my ladies, is GOOD!

Striped Midi Skirt / Diamond Jacquard Midi Skirt / Lace Stripe Midi Skirt / Mango Tango Lady Length Skirt / Keeper Chambray Shirt


Saved by the BELL



 When it feels as though fashion has lost its flair, you look to your closet with utter despair - shaking your fists in the air whilst screaming "I'VE GOT NOTHING TO WEAR!!!" Fret not, there BELL will save you, it's painfully fashionable and debonair! A bold dressing statement I so do declare - yet one that when executed properly will have you lookin' n' feelin' like a hot billionaire!  Take it from me, I'm a true BELL extraordinaire - I rock this look ferociously and confidently sans a care! So the next time your feeling fashionably blue and needing repair - run, don't walk, to the chicest bell and don them if you dare!!

Roksanda Ilincic Bell Sleeve TopJo No Fui Printed Bell Sleeve Top / Rosie Assoulin Striped Cotton Balloon Sleeve Top / Jil Sander White Ballon Sleeve Top / Au Jour Le Jour Duchess Bell Trousers


Kid's Spring Attire


Now that we're getting near that time to kick winter out the door - it's time to welcome Spring attire into the littles' drawer! Although a sunny dweller myself, I cannot deny the grand + dear spot in my heart for my east coast peeps...that said, I wanted to include options in heaps!! For cold weather and warm, come sunshine or storm - there's one thing to make sure of: dress the mini-you's to the nines + follow the cues of my MRS fashion signs!


Girl's Pom Pom headband / Neon girl shorts / Striped Tall socks / Neon tulle skirt



Lady in RED



This lady all doused in red - is gonna set the day on fire, gonna knock em dead! She's a firey gal who's always looking for love - when it comes to flirty enthusiasm she's a cut above!! She'll give you all she's got and leave you wanting more - she's a real charmer, right down to the core! If you happen to spot her, be sure to blow her a kiss - she's one hot gal you won't wanna miss!!

Charlotte Olympia Heart Pumps / Kate Spade Georgica Road Silka  / Valentino Evening Gown / L'Agent by Agent Provocateur Rosalyn Panties


Statement Sweaters & Tees


There's nothing more cheeky than a sassy statement sweater, or perhaps a statement tee in this sunny SD weather. I'm all about the clever tees and sweaters all the's the on-cotton humor that drives me hysterically insane. So as I let out a ferocious giggle + share a few finds with you, I hope to spread some harmless humor onto you, too!!!




Toasty Tootsies (Warm Shoe Options)


During these brrr-y times when warmth is far more than a want but a need, the #1 option is to toast your tootsies in one of these (yes, please)! Guaranteed warmth, guaranteed chic...can you EVER go wrong with choices so sleek?! I must admit they've even got me quite weak in the knees!

Furry, metallic, leopard, or leather...take your pick but keep an eye on the weather. Over here in sunny SD, I rock metallic slip ons but perhaps they aren't entirely for thee!

So take a gander at my guilt-worthy gathering & decide on a pair that suits you. Then proceed to toast your hardworking tootsies in your fave pair (or two!) 








I'm a die hard fan of caszh-glam - what's not to love about being comfy + looking totes fab?! It's reaping all the bennies of being dolled up - without having to put all the stuffy garb up. The good news is it's a super easy look to attain - with just a few bells + light whistles you kiss goodbye the mundane. After all, it's all about making the mundane magnificent - and with the right accoutrements, the caszh-glam possibilities are truly unlimited! So go ahead and gather up your favorite glam adornments - and spruce up your easy attire with my MRS endorsement.

Snap Coat / Black Boutonniere / Berry Lip / Glitter Flats / Knit Cap / Leather-sleeved casual tee

Shop the Caszh-Glam Look HERE!

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A Bauble Study in Black + White



Bibiddy BAUBLE-Y boo!! Boy've I got a trickety-treat for you!! Amidst this fabby black + white study - is a collection of baubles that are positively lovely!! Just look for the signature MRS starbursts - and you'll spy the vicinity in which theses baubles lurk! Not only are they glitzy + bold - but an entire set can be yours in either a silver finish or gold. Which is it that you fancy? Oh do tell! I must know is it the black or white set that you find so swell?? Drop me a note to tell me why + I'll pick the winner - who'll win these Lonna + Lilly baubles that sparkle + shimmer!

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Mrs. Lilien's Fall Uniform



I'm having a fashion filled BALL this fall!! I mean what's not to love about a little wardrobe overhaul?! It's a time to celebrate the dark + playful - and anything in my closet that's comfy, fun + black has become an instant staple. With my post-baby physique still a little squishy - I'm happily embracing elastic waistbands + roomy sweaters to avoid looking + feeling piggy. That said, I've taken to mixing prints + textures - I'm instantly pulled together with printed leggings + an oversized sweater! Not only that but layering on the extra fab accessories - makes for a look that's teaming with playful pleasantries!  What ever the autumn day brings me or wherever the fall activity takes me - it's a uniform such as this that both delights + accomodates me!!

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Glammy Bits + Bobs



Sometimes all a gal needs is just a pinch of glam to spice up her day... or perhaps even change her life, come what may! Who's to say a dusting of blue eyeshadow won't add skip to your step?! Or, clipping on some ear bling wouldn't nourish you with zesty pep?! Lets face it friends, happiness lies within glammy bits + bobs - it's what separates the ladies from the knobs!! I've thus granted you permission to step up your glammy game - go on and try it on for size, I promise your life will never be the same!!!

DO IT!!!



Blue Pigment Eyeshadow / Ear Bling / Hot Pink Fluff / Coral Kiss / Glittering Lips / Finger Bling

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Work It



It seems to be the perpetual fashion quandry - and more often than not the 'What to wear to work' is rarely answered with fashions that are spirited + jaunty! While I hold high court at Mrs. Lilien Headquarters, aka: my home - I'm not opposed to fantasizing about career wear, which is anything but lame monochrome. If I were to have the corner office with floor to ceiling views - you'd be hard pressed to find me in something that wouldn't delight + bemuse! I'd call it business-fab + it'd be anything but drab! I love a playful ensemble that screams chic confidence - strikingly fierce with just a sprinkling of opulence! So the next time you throw upon those closet doors and ponder 'what to wear to work' - toss on something playfully smart + don't dress like a jerk!

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Find more wear to work inspo here!


The Party Skirt



If you have yet to witness the always fabulous fashion sense of Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific you, my friend, are missing out on something GIGANTIC! (but really) She's the gal that left me gawking over the above 'fits that I couldn't resist stalking. Seriously, it took over this Pinterest Board...go ahead, say what you're thinking, that i'm a total party skirt whore!! There's something about these oversized skirts that flaunt just the right amount of "poof"... it's an every-season fashion of which I whole-heartedly approve! And to my delight I came across a very subtle site of two sisters who solely make handmade party skirts, absolutely made my MRS night!! 


Party Skirts

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