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A Chardonnay A Day



Just like that key piece in your closet that goest with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g, a fabulous bottle of wine can be just as eminent. A go-to bottle should be able to compliment your most basic of pedestrian nibbles and be the cherry on top of something delicious + elegant. Whether serving bites that are salty + savory, sweet or tart - a balanced + veracious bottle of Chardonnay can take mundane fare to the top of the chart. Looking for said stalwart bottle of Chard?! In waltzes La Crema… see that wasn’t so hard! They’ve launched a fabulous new program in which they’ve coined the ‘Virtual Vintner’ - an online wine experience that formulates a new vino variety based off crowd-sourced input + popular vote and thus create + deliver! This new virtual wine making concept taps the minds of their registered online community - they’ll create a new custom wine based off the popular findings, making it a rather unique + exciting opportunity!  Just think of all the fun you could have with a crowd pleasing, custom wine to pair with brunch, lunch and dinner?! And knowing you played a part in the creation would most definitely make you feel like a winner! I know I wouldn’t mind having a fabulous Chardonnay a day - it would certainly turn my monday through friday into a week long soirée!

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Cocktailing with Chairish


When it comes to Cocktailing accoutrements, I go hog-wild. Patio pickings are an ultimate fave, the idea of outdoor sprucing makes me wanna say “screw my savings” and totally misbehave! I’m an all-out kind of gal... once I get started, there’s no coming back - it’s this freakishly exciting occurrence that comes in a full-fledged attack!! My Palmer Patio is all about the high-class, pinky-raisers, a space that welcomes the chin-uppers and all us wealthy make-believers! 

Fun Seating / Fab Planters / Vintage Sip Servers / Additional Seating: Floor Cushions, West Elm Striped Runner / Vintage 'ware

A three-piece collection can totally suffice with a few stand-out pieces. A spot for you and your love to sit + sip in a space thats relaxed, yet cheerful + totally hip. This patio ensemble has me dreaming of Piña coladas in a well-foliaged backyard cali cottage. I am a total daydreamer and a dangerously hopeful space schemer. But how can you resist when you’re confronted with a handful of pieces like THIS?!

Vintage Wicker Planters / Candlesticks / Yellow Wishbone Chairs / Laminate Table / Vino Glasses / Pressed Glass Ashtray 

How to Win: Visit the Giveaway page + enter your e-mail address HERE for a chance to win $100 to Chairish + my cocktail swatchbook

Not a sweepstakes type-a-gal? Don’t fret, go on + check out my Chairish collection - a bountiful assortment of #mrsapproved cocktailing pieces.

Contemplating selling some of YOUR fab vintage pieces? Here is how you sell your loot on Chairish straight from your iPhone!

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Mrs. Campfire Cordial


What better way to prep for a Summer weekend than a grand Campfire Cordial? A gathering of all your neighborhood pals + a few toasty tipples makes it all the more social. Perhaps this MRS is the perfect gal to bring along on your holiday staycation - P.S. did you dare miss my latest roundup of glam-camping? It musn't go without some full-fledged campfire libations. In case you didn't know, she's a recipe right out of my newest cocktail book, oh shoot I leered you in, now go on + take a look!

So whattya say? Is this THE weekend to host a friendly bonfire - I say a hundred times yes...bring on the booze and the comfy attire!!!

Happy Sipping! Xxx!

Your MRS





Theres nothing more American that a big batch of Margaritas - especially when you mix beer and exotic tequila! This year why not ring in America's birthday with something different - after all, it's better to be festive than obvious and deliberate! If you haven't already (gasp!) I beg you try - My Mrs. Señorita Spin / aka: BEER-ritas are next level, those in the know are keen to why! It's that fabby frozen Marg that we all know and love - but that extra beer float takes it from push to shove! Every time I whip up a batch - I get pummeled with praised and pats on the back. To say these are a summertime crowd pleaser would be a wild understatement - and I'd be a bold faced liar if I said they really weren't the GREATEST! This 4th, do your country proud and kick things up a notch - serve your patriots some frosty BEER-ritas + drop it like it's hot!

Senorita Spin Beer-rita 
Serves four

6 limes, juiced and zested
¼ c. agave nectar
½ c. tequila
½ c. simple syrup
Pinch sea salt
2 c. ice
1 Modelo beer
Lime wheels for garnish (optional)

1. In a blender, add juice and zest, nectar, tequila, simple syrup, and salt; blend on high for 30 seconds.

2. Stop blender and add ice. Puree until smooth.

3. Pour into mugs until half full, then top off with beer. Garnish with a lime wheel.




The Cocktailer's Garden



Who wouldn't love a garden burgeoning with boozy delights? Where the fruits of your labor literally turn into citrusy spikes. I keep a Cocktailer's Garden right outside my door - and I both nuture and abuse it furthermore! I can't express the utter satisfaction I get when picking, juicing, zesting + muddling - the intoxicating end result is always doubly delicious + doubly befuddling! It's really quite simple to plant a Cocktailer's Garden - and better yet, it CAN be done on a rather modest margin! With my 2nd cocktail book merely 2 months away -  I've been tending my Cocktailer's Garden nearly every single day! Just like people, plants need water, sunlight + food - and starved plants yield fruit that is moot! When I see one of my cocktail yeilding plants lacking a bit of luster - I douse them a dose of Scotts Miracle-Gro and those suckers thrive like no other! A happy Cocktailer's Garden will provide nothing but endless joy + intoxicants - and not for nothin' but also a sense of boozy accomplishments!!

Now get those plants planted so they're ready come harvest - for she who drinks thy own crop is she who is smartest!

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Mrs. Green Bubbles



Why don't we all try something a little different this year?! I'm thinking green bubbles instead of the usual green beer! As long as it's festive, green and does the jolly trick - I'm almost certain it'd be approved by that Mr. St. Patrick! I say pop a bottle or two and douse it with that green no. 3 - guzzle it down and enjoy a rather elevated St. Patties Day jubilee!!

Oh Joy! Jade Pitcher / Oh Joy! Goblets / Veuve Clicquot

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Lady Grey Cocktail



We're smack dab in the middle of the HIGH winter doldrums - which calls for prescription strength potions!! When the days get  cold and dreary - I make myself a Lady Grey and I'm instantly cheery! It satisfies the need for something steamy + hot - while giving you a little kick (thanks to the rum shot)! When it's time to cure what ails you - whip up a Lady Grey, she never fails you!

RECIPE (makes one cup)

1 bag of Lady Grey Tea steeped in 1 cup boiling water

2 oz Spiced Black Rum such as Kraken

1 tbs Honey

1 Fresh lemon wedge

Stir all ingredients together, squeeze + garnish with lemon. Serve in a tea cup + saucer. Enjoy!





Mrs. October Gazette



Happy Sunday, y'all - I hope you're all relaxing + enjoying this glorious fall! Just a quick weekend reminder that our Mrs. October Gazette will be dispatched first thing tomorrow - it's filled with all kinds of fire + brimstone, and something ominously boozy to swallow! Don't be a hag and let this one pass you by - for if you haven't already signed up, the bitch above will curse you to die!!

Just kidding... (but not really.) Have a fabby Sunday!!

Till tomorrow...



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Beauty & Booze



Behold! The Shiseido Eye Color Bar, a fanciful eye palette with booze appeal!! If you ask me this winning combination is better than ideal!! Spawned by Shiseido's Artistic Director extraordinaire Dick Page - and his concept that "Makeup should be fun" has certainly hit center stage! What's not to love about these decadent boozy shades?! With hues such as Champagne, Cassis + Curaçao, you're sure to partake in many spirited escapades!! Should you want to take this spirited beauty palette to the very next level - why not sip my Mrs. Camellia Cocktail, it's really quite special!! I custom concocted this intoxicant after the Shisiedo Color Bar - and I do dare declare that the combination is totally 5 star!! Now head on over to the official Shiseido Facebook page to get your mits on this boozilicious eyeshadow package - be sure to become a "Like-er" for a chance to get it the fastest!!

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A Lovely Update



We're all guilty of attempting lofty New Years resolutions - yet are we holding ourselves accountable for their sought after solutions? It's a slippery slope that often renders varying results - from absolute wins, failed attempts and even insults! So I thought I'd come clean and give you all a LOVELY little update - most of which I'm proud of + some I'll leave up for debate.


This time last year, I was a disorganized HOT MESS - yet, I continued to function under the madness nevertheless. What I didn't realize is that I really needed a helping hand - so I hired Miss Wood + thus my enterprise has become a well oiled wonderland. What I learned is that it's more than chic boxes + fancy office loot - being truly organized means being ultra savvy + resolute! Once I determined exactly what I needed - I asked for help and to my delight my expectations have been 100% exceeded. With the addition of Miss Wood I'm able to tackle my daily tasks - she manages the overflow + neither of us has heart attacks!!!!


So, its time to address the MRS Coiffe - a topic in which I do truly enjoy! I've been growing this b*tch out for about a year - she's approaching shoulder-length + looking pretty austere. This grow out has been pretty painful - and let's not forget the grey... its straight up shameful! With a good year under my belt of donning a style-less do - I've come to the conclusion that I prefer my mane with a little ballyhoo! And while I'd consider chopping off a portion of my left pinky to posses a pinned up coiffe like the one above - I've realized that I desperately miss my beastly flamboyant short do... the look I love! That said, I'm chopping + streaking her out this coming Thursday - getting my hair groove back is gonna be just like blowing out my birthday!


Ah yes, the old Mrs. Lilien spade - a logo I'll always be proud that I made! While it was a rather esteemed mark to posses - I didn't like having to share it I will finally confess.  An astute mistress of my trade - I decided a BETTER look would suit me and thus I set off on a NEW LOOK crusade. As all graphic designers know, this is a most death defying assignment - one that takes patience, prowess and endless solitary confinement. Such a task can turn a sane person MAD - turn the kind hearted into the despicably bad. I'm happy to report I made it out mostly unscathed - aside from my madness-inducing graphic designer's rage-fueled tirade - I successfully rebranded myself + happily did away with the spade! 


Right, sooooo when you come back from an extended holiday vacation with unexpected BABY news - one things for sure, your new year certainly won't be filled with ciggies + booze! In all honesty, it's not like I was REALLy going to take up smoking - but being that my boozing was elevated, the lesser of two evils was truly thought provoking! The good (healthy) news is that I DID bridle that booze - I instead took up water cocktails with an occasional shot of juice! All kidding aside, the hooch has been the furthest thing from my mind - baby number 3 has had an affect on me, and thus I've become disinclined. No doubt when he's here I'll be cheers-ing to his arrival - I'm thinking that his homecoming will be the perfect boozy revival!



Finally... my MRS performance weighs in the balance - I'd be hard pressed to judge my very own blogging talents. Of course I'd like to think you're all woo'ed on the daily - however it's no different from us mothers KNOWING we have the prettiest baby! What I can tell you is that I'm rather proud of the content that I produce - that I have an absolute ball in orchestrating all my Mrs. pursuits. That said, I leave it up to you... have a done a bang up job, or is there room to improve??? Are you sexed up + satisfied, do I leave you wanting more? Or is there something missing + you think I'm a wretched bore??? Regardless your answer (be nice!) I'd really love to know - I want to continue to be your favorite daily read, your MRS DYNAMO!!


Be sure to leave your love notes + suggestions in the comments below - I'll read them all + heed them all like a Mrs. Pro!

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The Bloody Mary Aspic



I mean... can I just say, If I could, I SOOO would - and if you're not prego like me, you most certainly should!! The pure brilliance behind this bombe-like beast - is something only dreams are made of to say the very least!! To think this has been in existence without my knowing - is just so utterly inconcievable, not to mention mind blowing! While I have yet to try this life altering savory giggler - it's making the top of my post-baby indulgences, you can probably figure!

Find her here along with many other jell-o-tinous delights!

Happy Giggling




Make it Memorable



In honor of all who've served + who's praise is well deserved - Let's all toast a gulp (or 5) to endless the heros on this earth!! Wishing you all fabulous holiday filled with leisure + beauty - and remember to take down an extra one for yours (prego) truly!


The Don

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The MomTail



Yes, this is a ressurected post - which means it's worthy of a double toast! It's Mother's Day weekend forcryingoutloud - which is exactly why you should serve this to mommy in bed + make her proud! She'll love you for thinking so dearly of her - for serving her 8 of these + not gawking when she slurs. She deserves the world + you'll give her just that - Just quadruple the recipe and servie it to her is a vat!

Here's a hefty cheers to all the moms out there near and far - may your mothers day be spirited and saturated in celebratory alcohol! (says the pregnant mom who's wildly jealous of you all!!)

Mrs. Lilien's Cocktail Swatchbook


Mrs Margarita Mix



What's better than bottomless fresh Margaritas? Perhaps enjoying them on the patio with a gaggle of your favorite señoritas!! Whether you prefer to drink vats of them alone or with company - preparing a jug of Mrs Margarita Mix will encourage your imbibing gluttony! The above info graphic will help get you on your way - once you've made your mix, all you'll need is some Don Julio + Grand Marnier! Lets all catapult ourselves into the spring drinking season - Lets down some margaritas out on the arboretum!


Bright + Fabulous



Everywhere I look these days, my eyes glaze over with pure delight - for my dilated pupils seem to get tickled with all things fabulous + bright! From fashion + accessories to booze + photography - everything I see is dancing to spring's colorful choreography. You won't get but a single complaint from me - you see, I've been impatiently awaiting this season's vibrant jamboree! 

Spicy Grapefruit Marg's -yum! / Straw Clutch / Bamboo Bangles / Pink Bird Image / Maillot / Cherry Bloom CocktailLipstick Crayons

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Mrs Delicatessen



When it comes to entertaining + appetizing - it's easy to go overboard which isn't too surprising.  Often its the conventional that we tend to overlook - instead choosing something fandangled from a new trendy cook book. Delighting company doesn't always need to be highfalutin - on the contrary it's all in the manner in which you execute it! Usually the very best things are right under your nose - all you need to do is lower your high-brows in order to discover + expose. So next time you entertain, I beg you, forego the asparagus foam on pork belly croustini - instead set out a fabulous nosh spread + serve one heck of a dirty martini! What you'll find, is pure appetizing delight - guests that are happy + praising you all night!

Russ + Daughters Classic / Dean + Deluca Wagyu Pigs In A Blanket / Sardines / AleSmith IPA / Vueve Cliquot

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Booze Board Bliss



Just spent some ample time sprucing up my Booze Board on Pinterest. Now, my dear friends, you will find an array of Punches, Rums, Margaritas, Sangrias + Cocktails galore! My hope is to provide you that booze-y place that you absolutely adore--a home away from home and so much more!

So go on + dive on in to the hundred of recipes...simply click and read for all the yummy necessities!




The Cottontail Cocktail



Everyone needs a proper Easter cocktail - let's face it, your not gonna wash down those hoards of jelly beans with liquefied kale - so I've removed the burden and thus I present: The Cottontail Cocktail!! Inspired by my fluffy confidante Howard Lilien - this punchy cocktail not only boasts a white fluffy cottontail, but it screams instant Easter tradition! 

Here's a how he goes:

In a cocktail shaker 1/2 filled with ice add 2 ounces mandarin vodka, the juice of 1 lime, the juice of 1 lemon, 2 oz carrot juice, 1oz simple syrup + 1 egg white. Cap the shaker + do the 20 second bunny hop. Pour into chilled roly poly glasses + top with 1 jumbo marshmallow. For added sass garnish with a playboy swizzle.

Be sure to have plenty of supplies on hand so you can drink a lot - and while you're at it turn up some decent hip-hop!



Hanger One Vodka / Roly Poly Glasses / Shaker / Playboy Bunny Swizzles 


The Shamrock Smash



When Madame Atlas comes a knockin' asking for a St. Patties Day elixir - you pull out the big guns and fix' er some spirited liquor! She asked for something fun + green - so I reciprocated as you can see. What I present to you for your St. Patricks Day festivities - my Shamrock Smash for all your imbibing activities. Not only is it delicious + green infused - it's also Amy Atlas approved! Cheers to a fabulous weekend filled with Irish cheer and luck - be sure to don some green, have fun + drink up!


Rummy Night



It's healthy to shake things up a bit evr' now and again - you know, mix a little crazy in with your zen! I bet it's been ages since you've hosted a girly game night - the kind that gets a little raucous and goes well into the night! So I've taken liberty to map out one heck of a shindig - hosting Rummy Night (done right) can be bananas, and you can even win big! You'll need 4 gals or gays, or perhaps 2 couples - you could even have 8 and match them up as doubles! What ever your fun-time combo, just remember to keep it Rummy - you'll want to serve my Kumquat RumTini that's out-of-this-world yummy! A boisterous night in can be all kinds of fun - and when it's done right it'll be second to none!

Vintage Rummicub Set / Cocktail Set / Trina Turk Los Olivos Pillows / Deb Lippmann, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun PolishYSL Lipstick, Fuchsia Pink

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