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Mrs. Lipstick



Sometimes a new tube of lipstick is all you need - and now that we're in that transition, finding the perfect shade can be an arduous deed. I've pulled my fave shades of late - a nice little smattering I think you'll find both favorable and great! I'm an astute follower of the statement lip - that said, my picks above boast loads of zip! A fabulous tube of lipstick should last you a long while - just think of it as a colorful investment for your beautiful smile!


NARS Heatwave / TOO FACED MELTED Fuchsia / TOM FORD Wild Ginger / BITE BEAUTY Lola (on SALE!!)


Back-To-School MOM


Lets face it, it's not just the kids that are headed back to the school yard - us moms are headed back to the battle field to, reporting for duty, large and in charge! The early morning rigmarole can be utterly brutal - corralling the troops whilst dodging traffic and kid bullets is downright cruel. That said, I've compiled the above smattering with us Back-To-School MOMs in mind - all the key elements have been covered to get us out of nearly any bind! There's the Fierce Mom Goggles to hide our over-tired eyes - while the secret flask bangle equips us with a calming liquid surprise! Of course there's the Unruly Coiffe Tamers + Mandatory Face Paint - both offer returns far greater than their actual weight. Finally + perhaps most importantly are the exit strategy shoes + Leopard Tote with Mom Whistle - both pinch hitters come end of day dismissal. So, before you send your team back to their respective desks - be sure to equip yourself prior to hitting the decks!


Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Calypso Coral / Sophie Hulme Leopard Tote / Cynthia Rowley Flask Bangle / Slip-On Vans / Bobbi Pins / Le Specs Cat Eye Sunglasses 

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Mrs. Working Girl



Here's to Mrs. Working Girl, no doubt you know her well - she works hard for her money and boy can you tell! Her desk is always a bit disheveled - her head a little unleveled - but her work kicks ass, leaving many awe-struck + bedeviled. She rarely adheres to systems + silly rules - she sometimes partakes in a little mid-day booze - but that's what keeps her WERKIN, so the heck with those who don't approves!! In a flash she turns it on and then turns it out - she's a wrecking ball of brilliance, an asset no doubt! So, if you happen to pass her in the hallway, slap her a HIGH-five - indeed she'll slap you back, and even deliver a little of her jive!

Super Ciccio Eyeglasses in Walrus / Bobbi Brown, Pot Rouge in Hibiscus / 17 Month Agenda / Ticonderoga #2 Pencil / Pink Pearl Eraser / Back Me Up Mobile Charger / Carryall / Slip-On Calculator / Clade Stapler / Pantone Color Bridge / Giant Gem Speaker

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Summer Polishes and Baubles


Allow me to introduce you to a few of my favorite Summertime friends. They are the gals responsible for my various sunshine-y trends. Nothing looks (and feels) better than your very own glammed up hands - bright, bold, or subtle will always defend and command. So here go the introductions, be sure to pay attention, because each and every piece is worth a special mention...

Mrs. Hollywood Glam: Holly Westhoff Cuff (25% OFF with code mrslilien25) + NARS Polish

Mrs. Sweet as Honey: BaubleBar Script Name Cuff + Deborah Lippman Polish

Mrs. Beach-y Babe: AURÉLIE Cuff + Essie Polish

Mrs. Nature Embracer: Winden Embrace Cuff + elf Polish


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The Summer Face


It's a 'must-do' routine, a daily regimen and one totally worth the summer haul - A'MEN!!!! It'll have you feeling more rejuvenated than ever, knowing that your Summer face is on + displayed whenever, wherever, and for whomever.

Welcome yourself to the MRS. Summer skin regime: there are 6 MRS essentials that do it for me - the hottest commodities that my Summer face totally needs. It thrives off a good bronzing, thick lashes + luscious lips. But what would a true sunny-months face be without rosy cheeks + perfectly manicured brows?! 

Think about it. Get it. Master it.

You're Welcome.


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Friday Fruit Faces


If you aren't already panting/eyes bulging/on the floor you are not human! I just about dropped dead at the sight of these fabby fruit faced photographs - taken by the brilliant + talented world-renowned photographer, Philip Karlberg. If there's one thing that can make this Friday go by a little faster (and in style) it's THIS! So go check out the rest + enjoy!!!




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Breakfast Energizers


A morning sans energy can truly make your day feel like the WORST of the century! Everything seems to be all kinds of contorted + you cant seem to get yourself any kind of assorted. Well here's the kick that always nails ME in the rump - a quick and fresh brekky that is totes yum in the tum! When oatmeal won't do it, and cereal isn't happening...pull out a few of these and you'll be feeling juiced (not to mention they're flattening!!)

P.S. They were inspired by THIS find!

Happy Brekky-ing!


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Mrs. Forever Young



The idea of youth can mean many different things - and if you ask me, a life of vibrancy is what it brings! Let's discuss the #YouthList for a moment, shall we? I promise, you'll like what you read, feel and see! This fabby concept of the #YouthList was introduced to me by the peeps at StriVectin - I immediately fell for their inspiring take on living the forever young lifestyle and thus made it my own current obsession! So, I took a long hard look into what I define as a youthful existence - I pulled together my Mrs. #YouthList, outlined above 1-6.  Each one of these components is essential to fulfilling your youthful dreams - and when pulled off successfully, a forever young vibrancy truly reigns supreme. Things like 'Live in the Moment' + 'Ditch Your Doubt'  - in their own way reverse the signs of aging and reduce the urge to louse about.  'Hold Onto Your Daydreams' and 'Nurture The Skin You're In' - give way to confidence boosting juices which is a total win-win! Allowing yourself to 'Make Fairytales A Reality' and 'Paint Thy Lips, Nails + The Town Red' - forces you to reduce stress + get out of your head. All of the above certainly lend themselves to feeling and thus looking young - just as much so as limiting your tanning time in the sun. Now that I'm drinking the youth serum I want to spread the love - so I've partnered up with StriVectin so that I can help you out with all of the above! Panting?? Read on...


I'm going to be crowning a MRS FOREVER YOUNG + gifting her a year of youth - she who wins gets a 1 year supply of StriVectin SD Advanced, yes it's the TRUTH! In order to properly enter you must leave a comment below - telling me which one of my (above) #YouthList items you need to harness, work on and grow. Then re-pin the corresponding pin and state your case in the caption - include the link to your pin in your comment, cross your fingers and wait for my reaction! I'll select the winner that I feel best deserves the crown - she can then do that happy dance, recharge her youthful ways and start to eradicate the lines from her frown!

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Winter Lips


There's a secret to withstanding Winter without a worthy doubt, I absolutely assure's perking up your pout! A few strokes of one of these will have you falling to your knees, and anything shorthand is just an utter tease. If there's one thing i've learned over my many beauty-ful years, it's not to cheap out on lipstick (I mean the thought brings me to tears). 

It's time to spruce up and indulge before the change of the season!

Wear your hautest winter face boasting lips of winter shades and strut those city sidewalks with audacity and grace!

Happy Winter Lipping! Xxx



Maintaining The MRS Mane



Possesing highly important hair certainly isn't easy nor is it for the meek. Having a mane maintainance program is what keeps my locks looking sleek, chic + unique! Through the years I've found what works through trial and error - and yes, I too have experienced life shattering hair terror. That said, I stick to what I know to be tried, true and beneficial - staying true to my mane maintenance program ensures this coiffe won't sizzle. 

I'm at the Beauty Parlor every 6 weeks - getting my hair cut + freshened up with bleachy streaks. When your do is tightly cropped - roots just don't look that good up top. Because I bleach my ends tend to get dry and brittle - so keeping them routinely trim certainly is beneficial.

Do to the warm sunny climate in which I reside - along with the aforementioned bleaching, is recipe for hair suicide! My coarse thick hair simply devours conditioner - and thus I'm a weekly deep conditioner practitioner.

My saving grace between salon visits? This John Frieda Color Refreshing Gloss... it's pure brilliance! This in-shower color refresher restores vibrancy and tone - it glosses up your tresses, eradicating all dullness... and you do it at home!! Each bottle contains 6 uses, one for each week of your hair coloring cycle - keeping your mane salon-fresh and delightful. 

So there you have it my MRS mane maintenance routine - the how, when + why behind my calculated hair regime.



Mrs. Pearly White



I leave you this friday with a fun little self improvement tactic - a diy tooth whitening regime that'll have your teeth sparkling like stars in the galactic!  I have no doubt that you already have all the necessary ingredients to make this happen - next time you brush give it a whirl, it's easier than you could ever imagine! Make this part of your 2014 weekly grooming routine - and in a few weeks time those pearly whites are sure to be glittering and gleaming!

* be sure not to swallow + do rinse well - be forewarned it doesn't taste so swell!!

You're welcome.




Marvis Toothpaste / Peroxide Jar / Gold Toothbrush





I'm a die hard fan of caszh-glam - what's not to love about being comfy + looking totes fab?! It's reaping all the bennies of being dolled up - without having to put all the stuffy garb up. The good news is it's a super easy look to attain - with just a few bells + light whistles you kiss goodbye the mundane. After all, it's all about making the mundane magnificent - and with the right accoutrements, the caszh-glam possibilities are truly unlimited! So go ahead and gather up your favorite glam adornments - and spruce up your easy attire with my MRS endorsement.

Snap Coat / Black Boutonniere / Berry Lip / Glitter Flats / Knit Cap / Leather-sleeved casual tee

Shop the Caszh-Glam Look HERE!

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Glammy Bits + Bobs



Sometimes all a gal needs is just a pinch of glam to spice up her day... or perhaps even change her life, come what may! Who's to say a dusting of blue eyeshadow won't add skip to your step?! Or, clipping on some ear bling wouldn't nourish you with zesty pep?! Lets face it friends, happiness lies within glammy bits + bobs - it's what separates the ladies from the knobs!! I've thus granted you permission to step up your glammy game - go on and try it on for size, I promise your life will never be the same!!!

DO IT!!!



Blue Pigment Eyeshadow / Ear Bling / Hot Pink Fluff / Coral Kiss / Glittering Lips / Finger Bling

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Fall Scents of 2013



Per my very sad + very empty shelf where fabulous scents once stood tall and proud, I had no other choice but to go on one very serious hunt. Lets face it, a hardy sock can temporarily hush the stench of a smelly foot but body odor, now that can be one hell of a locomotor. Every gal must do as follows: swipe on the best of the best deodorants (like this one!), pick a "parfum" of the season, do 3-4 sprays + remember, where there's a rhyme there's a reason!! Any and every true lady knows the importance of a good, classy scent...i've never regretted a scent dollar i've spent! So I bestow on you, the fully fab-proofed scents of fall that are all undoubtedly #MRSapproved!  



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Mrs. Fall Beauty // The Beauty Department





Trader Joe's spray on SPF 50 body sunscreen.

"Discovered this when on vacay in Palm Springs. I can't stand getting sunscreen in my rings and hair! Found this, tried it and have replenished my stock several times since. The fact that it's non-comedogenic is a big bonus!"

Restorsea cleanser & SPF.

 "I was never the best at thoroughly exfoliating. Exfoliating is boring and sometimes hurts. I love Restorsea because each of the products have this amazing enzyme that eats away at dead skin. I layer them to get the max benefits."

Garden Apothecary bath teas.

"This girl Jen (who I may or may not have discovered on Instagram) is an amazingly talented horticulturist. Her background is in farming + plant propagation and she makes the most decadent bath teas. A must for anyone who's ever been tired."


Zoya Nail Polish remover. 

"I'm not a fan of major chemicals but I need a good polish remover for TBD nail tutorials. This stuff is insane. Most acetone makes your cuticles dry and chalky-- this stuff makes nails & cuticles soft and moisturized. Also comes in a professional dispenser so you never waste a drop."


Living Proof Mousse.

"Leaves hair always big, never sticky."

Wella Enrich conditioning treatment.

 "Whenever my hair feels dry and brittle I sit with this for 10 minutes in the shower. Problem solved. My favorite! And smells like a dream."

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Leave-In conditioner. 

"Game-changing pH-balance-restoring mystical, magical, weightless leave-in conditioner."

Visit The Beauty Department here for all kinds of FABULOUS beauty tips!



The Beauty Bets DIY Papaya Enzyme Peel



I would exfoliate every day of the week and twice on Sunday if I could. I know it’s wrong. But shiny, squeaky clean skin just makes me feel like I’m aging backwards. Alas, all that scrubbing does more harm than good. So when I do exfoliate (2-3 times/week), I make it count. Fruit enzyme-based treatments are usually my go-to because they brighten and tighten without the use of harsh chemicals; so I can do them more often. Papaya has pretty magical powers in this department. It contains papain, an enzyme that dissolves dead skin cells, gently exfoliates, and helps lighten pigmentation. Combined with lactic-acid rich yogurt, another fabby exfoliant, and hydrating honey it becomes a humdinger of mask. Enjoy in moderation!

Thank you Elizabeth Dehn for bestowing us this fabby beauty treat - your concoctions are always so spot on, and rather hard pressed to beat!


Mrs. Fall Blowout



I am basking in new baby bliss and blearily yapping, as I emerge from the shower to find baby still napping. Behold! Time to use my goodies from Drybar with heed, starting with Drybar's Buttercup (the Ultimate blow drying tool) - to treat me to pretty hair with uber-speed!

Their blow dryer is sunny-colored and lightweight as heck (a real plus, for these dog-tired shoulders and neck). A tool so techie, yet efficient and pretty – oh my, this blowout makes me feel positively witty! With nanoionic minerals that hydrate my tresses and negative ions that naturally freshen – take note my pretties: I’m preaching a good blow dryin' lesson!

My ritual includes a kit of go-anywhere hair survival (that not even a celeb’s personal stylist could rival). Complete with their Southern Belle Volumizing Mousse for lots of volume and sexy big hair, I’ll get so much attention it won’t even be fair!  Now a spritz of their flexible-hold hairspray that seals the deal. And days later, with my blowout less fresh, I turn to Detox Dry Shampoo, so invisible, thank goodness.  So you see, I can prolong my blowout, and really show off my hot-mama-ness. Three travel-size products, so perfect for my gym bag that I pledge return to in time, but first some more snuggles from this new angel of mine.

Who says new mommies don’t glow with beauty and pride, seems like our new baby will surely take my glam hair-dos in stride!


Psssst!!! Get your own Buttercup + VIP package HERE! Plus, special sale starts @9pmEST here!!!


Beauty & Booze



Behold! The Shiseido Eye Color Bar, a fanciful eye palette with booze appeal!! If you ask me this winning combination is better than ideal!! Spawned by Shiseido's Artistic Director extraordinaire Dick Page - and his concept that "Makeup should be fun" has certainly hit center stage! What's not to love about these decadent boozy shades?! With hues such as Champagne, Cassis + Curaçao, you're sure to partake in many spirited escapades!! Should you want to take this spirited beauty palette to the very next level - why not sip my Mrs. Camellia Cocktail, it's really quite special!! I custom concocted this intoxicant after the Shisiedo Color Bar - and I do dare declare that the combination is totally 5 star!! Now head on over to the official Shiseido Facebook page to get your mits on this boozilicious eyeshadow package - be sure to become a "Like-er" for a chance to get it the fastest!!

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Mrs. Mani



If ever there was the day of the glam nails, the day is now!! You'd have to be blind, deaf + dumb to be unaware of this trend anyhow!! I'll admit, I've been doing my fair share of glam mani dabbling - and I've got to say each time I partake, my nails become even more dazzling!! Each time I'm due for upkeep - I catch myself giddy + rather upbeat! With my polish collection growing recklessly out of control - my nail-spiration is truly on a roll!! And while with most beauty rituals, this certainly requires a high level of maintenance - but I have to say, the time invested is well worth the fabby nail playfulness!!

Mani's are fun, mani's are good. Have you mani'd lately?! Well, you should!!

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / Polish Pouch

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