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Mrs. Chain Gang



What ever the lock it's assigned to, every key deserves a fabulous chain - the power that this accessory possesses  is really quite insane. A MRS keychain reflects that of her true inner spirit - thus said chain is paramount, you must endear it! I say this to you now because I have recently experienced a keychain loss - the depth of my despair over such an item I didn't think was even poss! I've collected the above smattering and all are in the running - which ever one I decide upon, there's no doubt it'll be stunning. I urge you to take a gander at your own key holder - consider it's authority, could it be HIGHER? Should it be BOLDER? I'm sure you'll know right away upon first inspecting glance - and you'll know precisely how to proceed, what ever the circumstance.

You're Welcome.



Kelly Wearstler Classic Kiss / Kelly Wearstler Key Hole / Sophie Hulme Bubble Blower / Sophie Hulme Whistle / Louis Vuitton Foxy / Louis Vuitton Swing Tassel

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Arm Party



Welcome to the Arm Party - a BOLD and blingy affair that's hip + hardy! Whether you're a subscriber to the multi-stack or a mono-cuff devotee - pay attention, the arm party is your favorite cup of tea! Historically, I was never one for the dainty bangle - aesthetically I'm lured by the super-sized spangle. However, I've recently discovered the mix-n- match-dainty-bangle-stack - a mishmash of mini metals that meld to monopolize at that! Don't get me wrong, you'll find me rocking the statement cuffs nine times out of ten - but I must say I'm pleased to add this method into my repertoire every now and again. No matter the day, or the outfit and arm party can always be celebrated - furthermore, lauded, applauded + masqueraded! 


1. Gorjana Chaplin Cuff 2. Ann Taylor Calf Hair Cheetah Bangle 3. Gorjana Mila Cuffs 4. Eddie Borgo Estra-Large Cone Bracelet 5. Eddie Borgo Alternating-Pave Cone Bracelet 6. Hermès Collier de Chien Bracelet 7. Kelly Wearstler Idealist Cuff

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Spring Bling



I'm always so damn delighted by the onset of spring - the weather, the flora, and the baubles that it brings! I've selected a typical spring bling smattering - and slapped a few tips together to highlight how they're most flattering. So whether you need to unearth your spring staples from your bauble drawer - or need to run out and buy some more - here's my two cents on styling this season's blingy decor!



Oscar de la Renta Starburst Necklace / Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Necklace / Roberto Cavalli Dragon Necklace / Ek Thongprasert Queen Necklace / Ek Thongprasert Lay Lily Necklace / Lucite Links / Beaded Strands

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Time Check



What time is it you say...? Time to get a WATCH!! Slap a gilded wrist clock on + step it up a notch!! I LOVE me a big, bold statment piece - and one that delivers a purpose is pretty much the bee's knees! I'm in the market for a trusty wrist clock - one that'll go with slouchy sweats AND a fabby frock! I think any of the above will certainly do the trick - now, just to decide which I'd love to watch go tock + tick...

Got a minute...? Give me your pick!




Twist / Bam! / Glitz / Bling / Splurge / Boom!


A Bauble Study in Black + White



Bibiddy BAUBLE-Y boo!! Boy've I got a trickety-treat for you!! Amidst this fabby black + white study - is a collection of baubles that are positively lovely!! Just look for the signature MRS starbursts - and you'll spy the vicinity in which theses baubles lurk! Not only are they glitzy + bold - but an entire set can be yours in either a silver finish or gold. Which is it that you fancy? Oh do tell! I must know is it the black or white set that you find so swell?? Drop me a note to tell me why + I'll pick the winner - who'll win these Lonna + Lilly baubles that sparkle + shimmer!

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Mrs. Lilien's Fall Uniform



I'm having a fashion filled BALL this fall!! I mean what's not to love about a little wardrobe overhaul?! It's a time to celebrate the dark + playful - and anything in my closet that's comfy, fun + black has become an instant staple. With my post-baby physique still a little squishy - I'm happily embracing elastic waistbands + roomy sweaters to avoid looking + feeling piggy. That said, I've taken to mixing prints + textures - I'm instantly pulled together with printed leggings + an oversized sweater! Not only that but layering on the extra fab accessories - makes for a look that's teaming with playful pleasantries!  What ever the autumn day brings me or wherever the fall activity takes me - it's a uniform such as this that both delights + accomodates me!!

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The summer fevah has done seized this flashy gal...she's bright, sassy + punchy in her tropical locale. From the bright baubles to the high hot-trotters she flaunts a fab physique...but it's that striking drape-front romper that screams cabana chic. It's undeniable, Mrs. C is loads of fun, as she galavants around the islands in the tropical beaming sun. Just picture it...a bronzed-skin beauty in her poolside attire just waiting to throw on this 'fit before the fun festivities transpire! 

Happy Weekending to all my gals! XXX

Bright Baubles, Polish, Tropics Tote, Paradise Romper, Sunnies, Pineapple Case, Hot Trotters

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The Summer Uniform



Oh who can deny the fabulousness of summer?! I mean if I had to endure one more month of black attire, I'd shudder! In high celebration of this weather shift - I'm cheering on crisp whites + punchy brights with a twist! Mixing a simple tank with a magnificent statment skirt - is the perfect mix to satisfy my high-low thirst! Piling on the gold baubles, the bigger the better - ties this resort look perfectly together! The hot orange nails + lips are the cherry on top - along with the fabulous graphic summer tote, this uniform is too hot to stop!

Micheal Kors Jemma Sunglasses / Kara Ross Bird Cage Earrings / Vintage Lion Head Necklace / Jcrew Favorite Tank/ Sheridan French Lillian Skirt / Jonathan Adler Tote Kevin Aucoin Molasses Lip Gloss / Deborah Lippman, Lara's Theme Nail Polish

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Mommy Dearest



Take it from this mom of (almost) three - this is what she really wants, if she's anything like me. Sure she wants flowers, handmade cards, and cocktails in bed - but she also isn't opposed to lemon quartz baubles instead. There isn't a mom on this planet that wouldn't love a celebratory liquid lunch - however I'm sure a punchy tote would give her the same thrill... just a hunch. So, if mommy has a certain MRS taste - you can bet your bottom $$$ that none of these would go to waste!

Mrs. Godfrey Chair / Tory Burch Tote / Initial Necklace / Veuve Cliquot Fridge / Lemon Quartz Ring / Lemon Quartz Earrings / Christian Louboutin iPad Case

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It's the first of May, and high time to get your flower power on - we paid it forward last month by turning the April showers on! If you forgot to don your Mayday flora - then be sure to stop by the flower shop to power up your aura. And while your at it, be sure to pick up a bloom for someone special - spreading the flowery cheer today is pretty much essential!

Have a fabby flower power MAYDAY! XXX MRS Pop Flower / Opening Ceremony Flower Sunglasses / Peach Bloom Cabochon Studs / Tory Burch Flower Bangle / Floral Bathingsuit / Flower Sandals / Mulberry Shopper

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In The Bag



As we switch out our bags each season, we also switch out it's contents - I find it to always be a welcoming + cleansing process! Just as you wouldn't dare carry around a winter (black) bag in spring - your phone cover should reflect the very same thing! Your sunglasses silhouette becomes a bit more playful - as you stow away winter's pair, (aka: ol' faithful.) Your purse snacks become more saccharine - as you know you'll be increasing your trips to the gym! Your skin and lips take top priorty starting this season - therefore their purse realestate is paramount and for good reason. While a flask filled with bourbon may well have been winter's purse bevy - now that it's spring, you'll want to replace it with water to keep you from getting sweaty! On a side note, my pregnant status + slight paranoia has me carting Jasmine tea bags - feel free to forego this item if it brings ups red flags! Now, while all things typically do change with the season, some things remain the same - like an indespensible wad of cash, my signature lip color (YSL Rouge Pur Couture No. 13) will never change - thus both year round purse staples they will remain!

So there you have it the current contents of my bag - may it encourage you to contemplate your cartable swag!


BKR Watter Bottle / Milly Banana Leaf iPhone Cover / Jasmine Tea / YSL Rouge Pur Couture, No. 13 / FE NY Bamboozle Sunnies / Eos Mint Lip Balm/ Clinique Sunscreen / Swedish Fish / Sophie Hulme Tote

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The Spring Uniform



There's really nothing quite as thrilling as treating yourself to a fresh new ensemble - especially a fun one that's bright, springy and totally full throttle! Since spring is truly the beginning of summer - it's smart to pick up key pieces that also work when it gets warmer! I'm all about this resort gown that's totally brand new - so much so I've warn it not once, but twice... I just LOVE the hue!! Not all locales are as warm as sunny Sahn Diago - so you might want to accessorize with this scarf or perhaps a light poncho. As for spring-into-summer accessories, my choice is always big + statementy - truthfully, I'd wear the big bling, pompous white tote + tassel bangle quite faithfully! As for finishing touches for the very bottom + very tops - I'm loving these glitter sandals + a bright orang lip that pops! Voila! Your spring uniform solution - straight from the Mrs. with razor sharp execution!

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Mrs April



Mrs. April is multi-faceted gal who likes to get down to the cut - some might might even refer to her as blunt. But, let's be clear... crystal clear - just because Mrs. April has a fetish for diamonds doesn't mean she's not an absolute dear! You can't blame a gal for being transparent about what she likes - I mean why beat around the bush when you can be pin-point precise! So she has a thing for unparalleled perfection - there are far worse traits with which one could have an obsession! I think we could all take a few cues from this gal's picture perfect clarity - for these days a brilliantly commanding lady is but a rarity!

Gucci Gown / Crystal Decanter / Crystal Goblets / Natura Bissē Diamond Extreme Cream / Lucite Chair

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Bright + Fabulous



Everywhere I look these days, my eyes glaze over with pure delight - for my dilated pupils seem to get tickled with all things fabulous + bright! From fashion + accessories to booze + photography - everything I see is dancing to spring's colorful choreography. You won't get but a single complaint from me - you see, I've been impatiently awaiting this season's vibrant jamboree! 

Spicy Grapefruit Marg's -yum! / Straw Clutch / Bamboo Bangles / Pink Bird Image / Maillot / Cherry Bloom CocktailLipstick Crayons

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The GlamTown Gang



I proudly introduce to you The GlamTown Gang - a trifecta of glam super gals who'll periodically dominate this domain. Known for their ferocious fashion sense and sage advice - they'll occasionally chime in on our posts whilst drooling over the merchandise. They'll pop up here and there, perhaps when you least expect - to say what's on their mind regarding the current subject. You'll have a hay day getting to know this glammy trio - they're rather amusing I'll have you know. So sit back, relax and enjoy the show - you won't want to miss this gang's first cameo!!

Mrs. Onyx, Ring / Mrs. Emerald, Earrings / Mrs. Canary, Earrings

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Mrs March



Ah yes, the Mistress of March - she's clean, serene and totally in charge! She's laid back by nature - yet she conducts herself with a refined and feminine flavor. Amongst a crowd she subtly glistens like no other - which only adds to her magnificence, her intrigue, her wonder. Should you know a Mrs. March, you ought to consider yourself rather lucky - for it's rare to be in the presence of someone so special and lovely!

Aquamarine Clip-ons / Gucci Gown / Shiseido EyeshadowJimmy Choo Abel Pumps / Goblets / Morroccan Pouf

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It's Fla-SPRING-O Season



I'll be totally honest, I'm just not the biggest lover of the long winter gloom - I'm a forever fan of warm weather, sunshine and all things in bloom. So when Fla-SPRING-o rolls around - my Mrs. happiness abounds. What's better than resort wear gone flamingo?! Um, absolutely nothing if I do say so! You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be stocking up on some Fla-SPRING-o finery - and perhaps even the above kit + caboodle in it's entirety!

Happy Fla-SPRING-o!!


Snow-Mingo Statuettes / Alexander McQueen Sunnies / Cluster Earrings / Tory Burch Sanibel Shirt Dress / Tory Burch Sanibel Swimsuit / Tory Burch Slippers / Deborah Lippman Mermaid's Dream Nail Polish

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Mrs February



The Baroness of February - just so happens to be all things extraordinary. She saunters about in her native hue - owning her purple aura and rocking her Andrew Gn muumuu. Mrs. February is ever the gracious host - always ready with a Chambord cocktail to match a perfect toast. A collector of sorts, she's not afraid to put her wares on display - her home a shrine like mecca of vintage amethyst glass + macramé. A character all her own, she's a lady we adore + love - for Mrs. February is truly a cut above!

Amethyst Earrings / Andrew Gn Gown / Chambord / Blenko Glass / Judith Leiber Amethyst Perfume / Bobbi Brown Shadow, Ultra Violet

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Bauble THIS, baby!!



A bauble here, a bauble there - face it, you can't help but stare! Like a captivating firework display - a bauble menagerie acts as an optical soiree! A kaleidoscope of color and shapes - an assemblage from various estates - is a sight merely impossible for any curious eye to escape! Treat yourself and your eyes to this dazzling sight - and may it intrigue, inspire + excite!



Lapis + Turquoise Clips / Ruby + Diamond Earrings / Emerald Tassels / Coral + Diamond Ear Clips / Peridot, Tsavorite + Diamond Earrings / Ruby + Diamond Brooch / Emerald Cabochon Diamond Earrings / Gold + Tuquoise Earrings / Citrine Heliotrope + Fancy Diamond Earrings / Peridot, Diamond + Amethyst Brooch / Tuquoise + Lapis Brooch

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