How to Master the Spring Workout


Mastering the Spring Workout is the key to kick serious butt in time for Summer - and let me tell you, before I scare you can totally accomplish without being a "runner". Pre-babies I would've begged to differ, but this post-baby body had to find an alternative before the old bod withered. Hang an Everlast bag on your back patio, throw on some Trina Turk and go at it like there's no tomorrow - follow up with a jumping rope routine and BAM sayonara to all that baby fat sorrow. A good 20 minutes is all it takes - I promise you, this is the real deal + all else is just fake




Mrs. Desk-To-Disco



It's what every working girl strives to procure - a handbag collection of essentials so domineering, cultivated + epicure. The must-have, go-tos that she swears by - the very necessities that she dares you to try! This double handful of transforming gadgets - standbys and sworn beauty habits - become mainstays of handbags and bathroom stall madness. It's the little things that take us from desk to diva - the transforming tid bits we reach for before that post work margarita. While the contents may vary from gal to gal, one things for certain - having a small arsenal of necessities at the ready is worth the irksome burden!

Tory Burch Perfume / Laura Mercier Crème Blush: Blaze / Tom Ford Lipstick: Flamingo / Bobby Pins / Tic Tacs / Falsies


Mrs. Lilien's Top 5 Spring Wedding Gifts


I'm all about a colorful smattering of barware, tabletop goods + home decor - and showering it upon Springtime newlyweds is the cure, I ensure! You can't go wrong with any of the above selections, they're brilliant, chic + did I mention elite? For occasions like this you gotta drop a little extra cash + bring on the heat! Do you remember last year's Summer Wedding Smattering? I gushed about the 10 ultimate gifts of the season and TRUST me...there's a rhyme to my reason.

What do you like to gift to Springtime lovebirds joining hands? I'd die to hear + possibly add to my MRS. plans! 



A Pineapple Lineup



Look! It's a magnificent pineapple jubilee - and one, I might add, of a varying degree! As the international symbol of hospitality - this friendly fruit can easily be splayed as a welcoming formality. Whether hanging from the rafters in luau fashion, pinned to your lapel with sparkling enthusiasm - this punchy form is one to be celebrated with chutzpah + passion!



1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5


A Mrs. Mom Tote


Sometimes a "Mrs. Mom" tote is just what a mama needs, to round up all of her and her littles' daily needs! The one thing that we often forget is that which holds it all can still be chic and totally legit.

This pretty navy lady arrived on my front doorstep, personalized + dressed to the nines with a tassel that's totally fetch. A walk to the beach or a trip to the pool, this tote surely gets tagged in before the white - DUH! When it comes to potentially-dirty outings, the white no longer rules!

So go on mamas find your "Mrs. Mom" tote, don't be a fool!



Easter Blooms


Each year when Spring comes a knockin' + the sun comes out to play, I can't help but shake the thought of myself donning frocks like these EVERY passing day. Can you even imagine...? An array like the above in my very own closet? Well i'd just be the topic of all the neighborhood gossip!

My objective this Spring is to find inspiration in all the beautiful blooms that surround me - I encourage you do the same, it'll prevent you from a colorless wardrobe that's all-around lame.

Happy Spring Frocking!!!


Chrysanthemum / Carnation / Tulip / Hybrid  


Mrs. Lilien's Easter Basket



Here comes Peter Cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail - hippitty hoppitty, Easter's almost here! I've got a pretty basket that's beggin' for a souvenir! Perhaps he's got some Mui Mui flats, or maybe even a bangle flask - ready to drop in my festive easter sack! I wouldn't mind a new decanter or a row of sugary peeps - even a pile of Cadbury Creme Eggs, as long as they're for keeps! Oh Mr. Bun, what ever you have I'm sure I'll adore - just pile it up with goodies + candies galore!




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Patio Delights



Nary a patio too quaint or too grand for bestowing the necessary accoutrements - for fabulous accessorizing adds a luscious layer of magical decadence! With plenty of greenery + just the right amount of plastic - a patio can easily go from ho-hum to beautifully bombastic! Don't be bashful or (even worse) cheap when it comes to flexing your outdoor muscle - for just a mere sprinkling of magnificence will jazz up your jungle! A happy out door space can truly transform one's psyche - creating a paradise that's euphoric and shiny! 

  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 


Mrs. Trophy Cupcakes



Calling all San Diegans - cupcake lovers + buttercream mavens!! Join me tonight along side the illustrious Jennifer Shea of Trophy cupcakes - we'll be at Williams Sonoma Fashion Valley opening the party floodgates! Join us as we celebrate the launch of Trophy's new book Cupcakes + Parties! - stop by, have a cupcake + don't forget your sharpies! Jennifer will be signing her new tomes, and dishing out her deepest buttercream secrets - and yours truly will  be on hand posturing as the local high priestess. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve that I plan on divulging - which'll be worth taking notes and even consulting. Don't be a drip, for if you're local you won't want to miss - tonight's gonna be one explosively fabulous shindig!

See you there!




Mrs. Changemaker



Enter Mrs. Changemaker - she's one accomplished crusader! She's known to as a successful trail blazer in all her various pursuits - which often boggles her peers leaving them in envious cahoots! She doesn't mind being the gold standard of her domain - in fact she rather fancies the challenge all the same.


When she's working the Business Model, she's sharp as a tack - strategizing solutions like a real crackerjack! She's the unspoken go-to for innovation, a true creative genius - implementing positive change with an execution that's razor sharp + seamless!

(Perfect Shirt / Stretch Slim Ankle Pant / Kenzie Exotic Leather Heels)


When she's playing the part of Power Mom - she's the poster child for cool, collected + calm. By the way she can juggle, you'd swear she travelled with the circus - playdates, carpooling... she does it all with a smile + purpose. Between scheduling, planning + racing about town - she's a real hands-on mama who is worshiped and renowned!


(Modernist Jacket / Satin Intersection Silk Shirt / Modern Demin Ankle Jeans) Babies 


If ever you were in search of the ultimate travel buddy - look no further than The Lofty Leisurer, she's undeniably lovely! She's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to hidden treasures and exotic locales - amongst her peers she's the considered the highest of the high well-traveled gals. She can leisure like you never thought possible - and her packing secret?? Everything is washable!! (jaw drop!)

(Marled Stitch Sweater / Modern Denim Ankle Jeans



Pillow Fight


If there's one thing worth a couple jabs + an elbow - it's an array of colorful, spring pillows and i'm talking broad, not narrow! It's got to be a bountiful bunch...a conglomeration that surprises every guest with a vivid color punch! Now i'm all about fun patterns (they totally excite me!) but here is the key: every now and then, flaunt one that you wouldn't normally forsee. It'll be the swan of the ducklings, the queen of the land - and what better option than a cockatoo to take command! Go on, take a looksie but be sure to browse wisely before making your decision - pillow pairings can be a tough + sophisticated mission!



Yellow Mixed Tides Pillow / Cockatoo Pillow / Tamalpias Pillow, Mustard / Claudine Pillow, Teal / Red Louise Pillow


Mrs. April Showers



Behold! Mrs. April Showers - a woman who can repel water for hours! She's fashionably equipped - and for all intents + purposes, rubber-dipped! She's ready for whatever comes her way - be it sideways rain, hail, mist, come what may! Ever-prepared and ready to weather wild wetness - the way she jumps a puddle is really rather tremendous! Take a cue from her and stock up on the rubbers - they'll keep you dry and protected quite like no others!!!

Olmo Stripe Cotton Coat / Hunter Rubberized Shopper / Dior Waterproof Mascara / Hunter Original Tall Gloss Boots, Jade


My Spring Obsessions



It's inevitable, it happens every season - the new crop comes out and I become irrationally obsessed beyond reason. This spring is no different, the latest finery is chart topping - the current goodies are too hot for stopping!  The above smattering is but just the cream off the top - my spring obsessions run deep and run hot. Around every corner pops a new find that's more covetable than the last - something so sensational you can't help but let out a gasp! My eyeballs have never been so happy, so twirly - and my wallet affected too very adversely!

Happy Spring Obsessing!!

Lemon Basket Clutch / Emilia Wickstead, Striped Cotton Gown / August Morgan, Make Mine A Double Tray / Lisi Lerch Gold Tassel Earrings / Jonathan Adler, I-Scream Vase


The Polish/Sandal Showdown


There ain't a showdown like a tootsy showdown. It's all about the pairing of polishes and sandals - getting prepped and primed to avoid a case of the much feared Spring Shambles! A loud color paired with fabby strappy footwear will be positively sure to grasp a good, jealous stare. Don't be afraid to go bold with it - because bold is brilliant and you can totes ROCK IT!

I dare you!!!




Making The Mundane Magnificent



Why not celebrate the daily mundane - make magnificent of what is usually rather lame - by glorifying the conventional with little to no restrain. Might as well paint the garden red - turn weekly duties into a fanciful affair instead - put those gowns to use and knock 'em dead! A Mrs. never needs a reason for dressing to the nines - chores and things are so much better when you make them divine! You'll be absolutely amazed and decidedly delighted - that all things boring can so easily be blighted - when you give into the extravagant pleasure of being capriciously excited!

Photo by, Evan Duning / Teri Jon Gown /  Hose / Howard


Livin' La Vida Lilien #palmspringsbreak



Here are but a few snippets of our fabby Palm Springs vacay - we truly made the most out of every single day! The kids have all officially been introduced - to my favorite little getaway that always leaves me so optimistically seduced! Now that they've had a taste, they never want to leave - I can't help but commiserate + wholeheartedly agree! For more on the above you can follow along here - and don't blame me if you end up with a jealous grin from ear to ear!


Palm Springs Here I Come!



I'm doing my happy dance as I put the last little goodies in my duffle - the fam and I are off to Palm Springs to stir up some trouble! We'll be cannon balling, boozing + carousing - paying our respects and doing a bit of schmoozing! I plan to engage all of my sunspots and bronze up my outer layer - a little over-indulging sun is good for you, so 'boo-hiss' to the naysayers! I'll be instagraming up a storm - leisuring loudly, so please be forewarned. Cheers to you all + may your weekend be just as merry - and be sure to enjoy a little sunshine, even if just momentary.




Image: Kristina Nilsson


Must-Have Pool Floaties


Spring is here + Summer is near - so for us Cali folk, pool-time is dear. There's no better feeling then fabbily floating around in high (pool) tide waters - and if you so dare, take it out to the ocean and see what it offers! You can catch me on the sunflower, smiley or PRETZEL but come Spring Break i'm afraid anything BUT the Party Pong floaty would be quite regretful!

Do it - I dare you!!

Happy Floating!



Date Night Planning


In lieu of some major pre-Spring planning - I decided to add a little bit of heat (and not the type resolved by excessive self-fanning). Every Mr + Mrs can get carried away with all the responsibilities that flood their day-to-day! And for those of us with little time on our hands, sometimes it's easier to have someone else arrange the plans! So here I am, little Mrs. Daymaker, with a step-by-step date guide that'll have you all prepped + primed for the day you get to shake your little moneymaker! (btw it's totes cool if you're not that kind of partaker)

Happy Planning!!


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