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Anastasia Brow Whiz / Bobbi Brown Brow Brush / Givenchy Mister Brow Pencil 

Anastasia Brow Pomade


Bobbi Brown Greystone Eye Palette / Surratt RelevĂ©e Lash Curler / Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Felt-tip Eyeliner Pen / Givenchy Beauty Phenomen'eyes Mascara / Serge Lutens BeautĂ© Mascara

The festive holiday season calls for festive holiday EYES. You know, the kind that dazzle, bewitch + surprise! Let's start with the BROWS; after all they are the exclamation point to our eyes!!! I've been playing CLOSE attention to this furry feminine facial feature. What I've learned is that they are not to sparse or meager! A big and bold brow will grant you full fledged admission into Glam Town! So sprint to Sephora or your fave beauty counter and BROW DOWN!

Now onto the eyes... often referred to as the windows to the soul. 'Tis the season for trimming them in the most kittenish of kohl. As mother always said, it's better to be classy than trashy. So, stick with simple with just dash of drama + a pinch of flashy. Curled, lined and precisely coated. Delicately dusted with sparkle, just enough to be noticed. Keep 'em clean, dazzling and bright - and a smidgen sultry to sparkle in the night! 


A Printable Thanksgiving Cocktail Recipe


Every special holiday calls for a special cocktail - one in which you dote upon, post on Pinterest and mass email! This Thanksgiving, the Lilien clan will be sipping this wild turkey libation - a cocktail, that in summation - is annually coveted and gossiped about with adoration! Thanks to the bourbon, it's warm and cozy - and with the addition of the citrus, quite appealing to the nosey! Tossing in the egg white gives it that special holiday froth - which gives the added spark to this holiday broth! This cocktail cannot come more highly recommended - not only is it a winner, but the name is hands-down splendid!

Download the Wild Turkey Cocktail here.


A Tropical Thanksgiving



Our first Thanksgiving away from our extended Lilien family will be a bit different this year. While long standing traditions are comfortable, mixing things up can bring an extra dose of lighthearted cheer. While we'll be guests instead of hosts for the first time in a decade; I thought the idea of a Tropical Thanksgiving would be what I would have made! Everyone in Aloha attire, and mu'u mu'u's for the ladies; POG flowing freely + bottomless Mai Tais to bring on the holiday 'crazies'! A glistening Pineapple Glazed Turkey alongside Tropical stuffing - is something I'm pretty sure we'd all be loving! Thanksgiving in Hawaii will bring about new traditions with a twist - merriment will be had I have no doubt, but there'll be a sore spot for those that we miss. (Uncle Matt, Auntie Laura, Uncle Chris, Brian, Hannah... we must FaceTime!)


A 'Thankful For' Speech Cheat Sheet



It happens eeeeeeeeevery year without fail - the annual Thanksgiving 'Thankful For' speeches that become competitive and filled with uncomfortable detail. It usually kicks off with the chipper trophy hostess - her delivery, clearly rehearsed, ends when she proudly announces she made 2 dinners, one for the table and another for the homeless. The speeches continue in a colorful fashion - ranging from emotionally charged to a booze-induced song and dance to the national anthem. There's everything from bold-faced lies to pure self-shaming - long, agonizing rants and someone dropping to a knee + engaging. It usually takes an hour to get it wrapped up. By then the food is cold and you're drinking from the bottle because you accidentally shattered your crystal cup.

So I've gone ahead + put together this handy little CHEAT SHEET. A fill in the bubble prompter that'll keep it REAL, but also short and sweet! Let it be your contribution to the Thanksgiving table - a little game that will bring cheer and delight, and an insurance plan that'll save everyone from looking unstable! 

It's a win win situation! A must have for your upcoming Thanksgiving celebration!

Print them off and provide mini pencils, you'll be the hit of the day, you savvy little devil!

Click HERE to print them out

I know.

You're welcome.



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