Holiday Hosting with Mrs. Lilien



Hostessing is the highest of my far + few fortes -- one I plan to take to my very grave. I can't express the excitement it brings: the fun festivery of tasty treats, drinks and beats not to mention the must-have silky hostessing pleats. The thought of it all rightfully excites -- the boozing and shmoozing brings me PURE delight! I look forward to every holiday season with a twinkle in my eye, knowing right around the corner awaits a whole table full of guests' glasses to fortify! With all the above necessities, I will surely pull it off. Another Holiday for the books, one without a single blemish or flaw! How, you may ask...? Go, slowly and purposely, through the above, all the while creating your very own "to-do, must-have, absolutely-positively-cant-do-without" hostessing list! 


No. 1 > Mrs. Eggnog / Santa Straws / Boot Mug

No 2> Mrs. Fondue / Vintage California Pottery Lazy Susan / Appetizing suggestions

No.3 > Aether Cone

No. 4 > Giant Balloon Ornaments / Place Setting / Glitter Candles / Color Block Xmas Trees Festive Antlers

No.5> Festive Attire for the Hostess


Mrs. Lilien's Kitchen Sparkle Contest!!!



I’m back, touting my NEXT-TO-SINK NECESSITIES - a little collection of high cleaning MUST-HAVE accessories. Let’s face it, we all have to answer the call of kitchen duty - so we might as well make the sink side space a thing of beauty. I know it can be a hard thing to pull this little kit together - so I’m making it easy for you and removing the pressure! I need you to share with me on Instagram a picture of your current kitchen sink and surrounding counter space - tell me in a line or two how YOU add sparkle to your kitchen space. Be sure to tag both @ocelobrand and me (@mrslilien) alongside: #sparklechain + #sweeps in the caption - I’ll choose 12, yes TWELVE winners who’ll receive the above #MRSapproved KITCHEN SPARKLE package to heat up their dish duty passion! 
Sound FUN? Well then get to it and show me your kitchen, even if it’s disorderly + undone! I promise this SPARKLE package will make a dazzling dish dame out of anyone!! 
Entries to be submitted on Instagram and must include the following to be considered: @ocelo @mrslilien  #sparklechain + #sweeps.

Check out the official rules HERE.

May the most fabulous kitchen WIN!!





Mrs. Lilien's Decked Halls



Who ever said it DOESN'T snow in San Diego is just plain wrong! In my house, the fluffy white stuff comes down all day + night long! The best part is it doesn't melt or turn to dirty brown slush - nope, my snow is beautifully bright, white, and full of fluff! I take such delight each year in creating a special unique holiday wall - one that's aside from the tree, the mantle, the lights and all. Each year it's different, never to be the same - and with this year's holiday wall I really upped my game! I wanted to create a festive, snowy facade - one with falling snow, snow balls, my favorite vintage tinsel tree, and an old gilded star atop. I used varying sizes of white tissue balls and adhered them to the wall. I strung white paper dot garlands from the ceiling and ledge to create my 'snow fall'. I wanted to create a warm ambiance  amongst the falling snow - so I used golden mercury glass orb lights and candles to create toasty glow. I adorned my vintage tree with gilded star ornaments - They way they pop against the silver truly elevates it's gorgeousness! Finally the fancy gold and white urchins perched atop the shelf - add a perfect wintery texture if I do say so myself!

Do you have a special holiday corner that you love to light up? Is it themed? Is it elaborate? Fantastical?? WHAT?!? 

Do tell, I'd LOVE to know - I'm already thinking about next year's... I'm thinking floor to ceiling MISTLETOE!!!! 




The Garden of Good & Regal



If you've ever stumbled through a secret door and found yourself in an otherwise enchanting situation - then you can probably relate to my overwhelming delight when I happened upon this fabulous occasion! A few weeks back I jaunted off to NYC - there was a soirée to attend, something magical I needed to see! Up on the high rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel - to what before my eyes did appear? A beguiling garden rich with intoxicating smells! The wafting delight that amused my senses - came from the piles of Caldrea candles looming amongst floral-clad princesses. The scene was so otherworldly I believe my mouth lay piggishly open - it took everything I had not to saturate myself in the endless array of luxurious lotion. The Caldrea party was one truly a thing of wonder - which makes sense coming from a brand who specializes in fragrant products derived from horticulture. 

If you've been looking for that perfect present rich with alluring aromatics - take my MRS word that anything from Caldrea is sure dazzle anyone with their fragrant acrobatics!

I'd be fool not to mention that their blog is loaded with tips, recipes and inspiration galore - I have no doubt you'll be accosted with things you'll adore!

The Caldrea Gardens  Caldrea

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