A PINK October


Cancer sucks; it's lame, terrifying + all-around awful. There's not much many of us can do to rid it from our lives or the lives of those we love BUT there is something we all can do - be present. Don it, hang it, rock it with the brightest of smiles. You'll look AND feel downright fabulous. Better yet, get involved. If you can, why not? Provide a mammogram for a woman in need (more details here).

Flamingo Print / Striped Tee / Cable Knit Sweater / Ballerina Pink Tieks


Halloween Costumes for the Kids


After the kids come a grandeur excuse, to get back into all the Holiday shenanigans + be totally juiced! It's like we're given a second life to thoroughly enjoy, and we're left with the fun job - the head of creativity, the one whom they (the littles) employe. My little clan, we've been known to partake in some Halloween fun - it's just about the ONLY holiday you'll catch me DIYing my life away with a needle in hand, bar none. SO here it is, a small collection of the many i've found, pinned + saved...the ones that I couldn't help but share this very Monday! Below is where I discovered these daymaking finds - click on to scope 'em out, see how it's really done + follow the brilliant guides!


Baby Bjork Swanny via Cat Cutillo / Mini Pineapple Gal via Delia Creates / Powderpuff Chicks via Pinterest / Little Lady Carmen Miranda via Oh Happy Day

Follow along for more inspo here!


Baby's Autumn Uniform



It's fall, and we're all making a wardrobe fuss. Now is not the time to throw baby under the bus! On the contrary the wardrobe updates are irresistible for the mini set. With everything from marled knits, and statement tees it's nearly impossible to avoid going into debt! I've gone ahead and curated two mini ensembles - both perfect for the season, both ideal for little waddles. If you have little ones, grand babies, nephews or nieces - a new fall outfit is as high a priority as those juicy squeezes!

Mini Mister >  Marled HoodieThe Dude Onesie / Camo Pants /  Monster SocksVans, Star Wars Clone Trooper Slip-ons


Mini Miss > Reversible Animal Hoodie / Oh Baby Onesie / Colored LeggingsBonLook Birdie Sunglasses / Mary Jane Bow Flats


Lust Worthy Living Room Decor



If your looking for a few ways to spice up your interiors, well then todays your lucky day. I'm sharing my tips on how to seize a spicier space in a few different ways. Ideally, incorporating all 5 of the above elements would bring you the snazziest results. But to be honest any combination would add some fabulous flair, if you decided to indulge. What ever the case I hope you at the very least get inspired. Do something a little edgy, show a little decor leg, leave little to be desired.



1. Sunburst Mirror 2. Savile Side Table 3. I Don't Get Out of Bed... Pillow 4. Gilded Amberleaf Candle / Wood Fire Candle / Vodka Candle 5. Sophie Print / Georgia Orb


For more Living Room inspiration, dive into our Pinterest Board!


A Getaway Giveaway



Wouldn't it be a fabulous moment to turn the car around mid-commute? To instead jet off to a dream weekend getaway at a higher altitude? Would you be able to say this to your supervisor?  "I'm gonna need to turn in these TPS reports and grab my sun visor!" Well, welcome to my GIVEWAWAY! I'm delighted to bestow you an opportunity to GETAWAY! Together with Diet Coke, I've whirled together a special treat - a taste of the good life and an opportunity that can't be beat! We'd LOVE to offer you a chance to escape the mundane + GET A TASTE of what you love - to jaunt off with someone special and partake in what you'd define as a cut above. Yes, you read correct, we want to send you away - to for a weekend, let your life taste as good as Diet Coke, and send you off on holiday! All we need from you is your take on the ultimate weekend trip - we've made it easy, just fill out the above MRS LIBS. Enter your reply in the comments below - by completing the above sentence on where you'd love to go. I've gone ahead and filled my example in red - mirror this, but with your preferences instead. I'll be choosing the winner on Monday, the 13th of October, I'll be emailing the winner and blasting it on social for maximum exposure. I do hope you enter + truly give it your best shot - for I read each and every one, and give each a true thought. I truly cannot wait to see where you all hope to go - is it the beach, the dessert, the city, the snow?  The more the merrier, and don't think I'll pass you by - for each and every one of your entries will no doubt leave me with a sigh.

Enough already, I can hardly stand the wait - put in your entry and cross your fingers till the date.




Diet Coke Pinterest / Diet Coke Instagram / Diet Coke Facebook / Diet Coke Twitter 



An early guide to Holiday Attire


With the Holidays approaching + plans across the board - it is highly pertinent that we drill you with all the necessary details until we know they are fully learned + safely stored. Your Holiday outfit musn't be a last minute affair, the only way to avoid the dreaded last-minute disasters is to be totally prepared. So here it is, a smattering of jaw-dropping 'fits for the boisterous, the casual and the all-around fab chicks. If not these very outfits, perhaps you'll leave with a solidified idea of what Holiday Attire you ought to be donning this very year...

Holiday Outfit 1 : Statement Bauble / Black Frock / Red Shoes

Holiday Outfit 2:  Dainty Gorjana Necklace / Monogram Studs / Similar Frocks herehere and here - a long version here / Shoes

Holiday Outfit 3: Dainty Drops / Cuff / Frock / Shoes



A Case of The CRAZIES



All right friends, there's no two ways around it so I'll just jump to the point. Things have become hands-down berserker up here in this joint! With scads of chore and circumstance bubbling about - my golden goblet of glittering juices hath runneth out. With unending streams of poopiness and tribulation constantly infiltrating - a good old fashioned case of the CRAZIES have moved in and are unfortunately prevailing. Sure, it happens from time to time - and when it does I slow down and reflect in order to realign. This case is no different, I've been here before - I know I'll resurface, as my resilience is pretty hardcore. I'm not sure why I'm sharing this, but now that it's out in the open - the lesson learned here is that no one is immune to feeling broken. It wouldn't be accurate to call this a case of "Blogger Burnout", simply put, it's more of a malady - like that of a gremlin in my DNA, a psychological abnormality. Does this mean that I'll soon be featuring couture straight jackets and the creme de la creme of inpatient retreats?? Most likely no, but I may miss a few days here and there as I tame this crazy beast. For the record, there is no need to speculate - no body died, I'm not coming out of the closet, joining a cult or divorcing my beloved mate. I can't say that once I'm out of this fog, I won't attempt to write 'Fifty Shades of Pharmaceuticals' - by that time I will no doubt be an expert on the topic of such consumables. 

No need to worry or fret, and please..."Don't Cry For Me Argentina!" Have faith, I'm one strong ass Señorita.

The image above is a remarkable painting by the wildly talented Jessica Rowe. You can purchase it here. It's amazing, and if I were to acquire a copy I'd hang it prominently above my mantle. There. That is all.





Totally BAT-tastic!



Every year around this time, I literally start to go BATTY - all things Halloween-centric make me infinitely happy! I've already decked the MRS manse with spooky adornments galore - my dining room has been transformed into a bat cave thanks to the above decor. I live to amuse my kids with my cooky pursuits - their ensuing delight is enough to send me into frenzied and inspired cahoots. I've become utterly captivated by our ceiling fan - It's paved paths to my holiday decor genius in a way that nothing else can. With stars in my eyes + foam in my mouth - I thus created a gaggle of swirling bats worthy of a theatrical bow. I stumbled across these hanging bats, and nearly wet my drawers - the end result is simply batty, and something that everyone here adores! The moral of the story is to look for inspiration everywhere - with a little tape + spirited fun, you can make just about anything delightfully debonaire!

Meri Meri Wicked Hanging Bats


All is Fair in Love & Wardrobe: Review


Books come in all shapes, sizes and forms - and in the luckiest of cases, my interest will be caught and from there on, steadily yearn. In this particular scenario it did just that...I found myself smiling and laughing at all the reminiscent chittery-chat. So it's mostly about the single life and i've been married 8 years - but who gives a rip when it can send you into hysterical fits of tears! The kind that have you thinking back to the days that are now long gone and watching your young self take the world by storm!

Not only do the rules, the lists + the notes have me giggling to no end but the handfuls of visuals is what I truly commend! Creatives like myself have a hard time with words - too much of them can potentially forge my world into spiteful alphabetical herds.

So here's to all you ladies, both married + single - take a looksie at a book that bears no dullness or boredom (not even a mere wrinkle!!!)


The Book / The Author 





Beauty is a tricky pursuit between the endless options + various loot. So to all you beauty gurus, I wholeheartedly salute! It can be a battlefield out there with all the choosing, confusing and misusing OR it can be the shining light in your darkest of tunnels, the ultimate answer key to your unfinished puzzle! So take it as you may, see it as you might - whatever the case may be, i'm here to feed your beauty-based appetite.

Everything you need for this upcoming season is pictured above, a conglomeration of eyes, nails and scents that I totally love. It's the latest of loot that sends me into a clapping and cheering pursuit! It makes me feel pretty on the ugliest of days, and trust me, those come far more often than one could even attempt to portray. 

Join me + kick your beauty routine into high gear!




2014 Fall Workout Attire


There are but few things in this world that can send my mood to unreachable peaks, and among them: a good-ole butt kicking. I speak the truth, it can really fix your sh*t + get you up and out of the deepest and darkest of pits. But before you get all eager on me and run away from the screen, let me reveal the most important of things. The attire, the gear (call it what you may) but whatever you call it, it must never be "okay". It must shine and sparkle and gleam, it absolutely positively must have you bursting at the seam! Remember what mama always said..."you're 10x more fabulous when you feel good about your threads." So go on + get yourself some fabby fall gear - and thank me after being crowned the hottest gym-rat of the year!!!


Running Vest / Long Sleeve or this 40% off running zip-up / Swell Water Bottle / Nike Leggings (Legend 2.0) / Trina Turk Sports Bra: Green + Black / Nike Trainers


Boots + Bedrapes



Boots + coats + fall co-exist synonymously - these pieces are slave to the season and thus assigned autumnally. These aren't the pieces that you must constantly refresh - but rather investments that gracefully maturate into permanent wardrobe vignettes. As vital components to any well rounded toggery - both boots + high bedrapery must be considered prized property. Whatever your persuasion or style swerve - acquiring and maintaining indispensable costumery is a decree we all must observe.




BRAZENLY BOLD > Saint Laurent Black Wool Cape / Saint Laurent Striped Patent Boots

TEXTURED HOTSY-TOTSY > Steve Madden Python Bootie / Tory Burch Etta Jacket

SOPHIST-O-CHIC > L'Autre Chose Leather Riding Boots / Vivienne Westwood Wrap Coat

SHAMELESSLY SIRENIC > Christian Louboutin Canassone Bootie / Saint Laurent Red Hooded Cape


Mrs. Lilien's FALL UNIFORM



One valuable factoid that I've learned so far this fall - is that you're basically nobody unless you have a pair of snazzy track pants in your fashion repertoire. This newly revised wardrobe specimen is dominating the scene - popping up in endless varieties from silk, knit, leather, and everything in-between. They can be dressed up or down, worn to work and also uptown. I've included a pair in my FALL UNIFORM as you ca plainly see - I have no doubt that they'll play nice with my current costumery. I've made these mine, by stacking them up with MRS-ish trimmings - resulting in a most splendid autumnal ensemble that's laudably winning!!




Quay Phebe Sunnies / J.Crew Turner Pant / Gap Chambray Top / Nars Heat Wave Lipstick / Simone Roche Chain Embellished Calf Hair Flats / Clair V Foldover Clutch / Gold Tassel Bangle / Marc Jacobs Petra Nail Polish / Watercolor 360 Stud Earrings / Daniel Wellington Watch


Halloween Home Decor


I'm all too familiar with the last-minute ordeals, so i'm vowing this year will bare the most timely of decorating skills. All the motivation comes from the kids - their clapping and cheering of all this spook-worthy shiz. For some odd reason halloween loot always seems to vanish the fastest, which can lead to something entirely tragic.

So nip it in the bud early with me this year! How good it will feel for the both of us - we'll jump, clap and cheer! Happy Pickings!


Tall Black Candles / Gold Candle Holders / Mr. Skeleton / Target Bulb Lights / Black Gem Table Scatter / Black Lipstick / Aurora VaseGlam Devil Horn Headband / Pumpkin Parmesan Pasta Sauce / Cocktail Stirrers (Set of 4)


Mrs. Specs



A new season is as good as any reason to update your specs - and becoming more affordable, you can get yourself an array of silhouettes! This smattering above really caught my eye - not only did I scour low + high - but, I selected all the ones that I'd totally buy! Do yourself the fabulous favor of getting new glasses - you'll be so thrilled you did, you'll do happy dances!

Kimball > Warby Parker / No. 62 > Rowley Eyewear / FDR > Lookmatic / No. 88 > Rowley Eyewear / Jack + Norma > Bonlook / Super Ciccio > JCrew / Annette > Salt Optics


Come Party with me and FARROW + BALL!



There's nothing I love more than partying + hostessing - especially when it's launch party grand opening! I've been collaborating alongside the illustrious Farrow + Ball - and now I'm co-hosting this decorative paint + wallpaper company's SoCal showroom opening this fall! It's sure to be a rather colorful + splashy affair - should you be in the vicinity I invite you to join me there! If you are up for the fun, and heaven knows what else - then be sure and RSVP to include yourself!

See you there!!







The moment I met you, I knew our family was complete - my third bundle of love, you were so sweet + so petite. You've added endless joy to our family + taught your brother and sister a different way to love - and if that's all you ever do, it's more than enough. You were a surprise addition to our little clan - but you've brought that kind of unconditional, heart-breaking love that only a baby can. We count our lucky stars every day for you - Happy 1st Birthday sweet Trumy-Tru.



Fall 2014 Loafers


Loafers are kind of a big deal these days. Dress 'em up or dress 'em down, they'll fit your every kooky, quirky, (even totally boring) fashion phase! It's all about mixing + matching, color-blocking and pattern clashing. Whatever it takes to WOW the crowd and be crowned utterly dashing

The best selections come out when Fall makes her way back into our lives + orders away our closets full of Summer's remnants and demise.

Nine West Glitter-Toe / Nine West Cheetah Print / Sole Society Micro-Cheetah / Navy Sparkle / B + W Print / Red + Tassled  

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