Jumpsuits of the Season


You may remember this FAB jumpsuit roundup from last Fall, but this Spring lineup just might trump ALL. It’s got quite the variety, not one too much like the other - a variety of drama that'll transform even the non-jumpers into jump-lovers!

Even BETTER, Jumpsuit #3 and #6 are on SALE! Shopbop is offering the following deal until this Saturday! 

Spend $250+ Save 15%

Spend $500+ Save 20%

Spend $1000+ Save 25%

Shop the 'suits: One . Two . Three . Four . Five . Six .


Let's Talk Tourmaline



It is with fanataz-magical delight that I expose the Jah of Tourmaline! A gem-tastic species that can be found in colors you wouldn't believe! When cut and polished, a Tourmaline gem is both dazzling and hypnotic. No matter the setting, a top notch tourmaline is undeniably eye-catching and exotic. Beauty and marvel aside, this stone is attributed a gaggle of metaphysical properties. Prominently recognized as a very strong protector - it also possesses an incredible ability to detoxify it's possessor. If that's not enough, tourmaline is also known to relieve stress, anxiety  and stabilize mood.... DUDE! I don't know about you, but I'm officially trolling the tourmaline marketplace - and once I find my magnificent, celestial, protecting, detoxifying Tourmaline stone, I'll wear it with pride and grace!



2015 Spring Swim Suits : Kids


Over the next couple of weeks you best keep your eyes wide open, for Spring is a rollin' in + she's one unstoppable motion! Right when her rays begin to beam bright is when the Lilien fam is off in a flight! We throw on our favorite trunks/diapies/swimmies + head off to the beach in an all-time tizzy. If not the beach, then the pool just the same as long as we've got everyone by name! 

Plus, dolling up your littles is utterly fulfilling - FACT!

(from left to right)

Bright + Wild Trunks: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Over + Under the Waves: Rashguard / Boardies

Jaguar One-Piece  / 1 / 2 / Over-the-Top Poncho

Happy Spring Swimming!



Mrs. Charm School



There's a moment for all of us at some point in life - when we must sharpen our game and become more refined. For some, it's simply ingrained in their DNA - for others such practices seem daunting and faraway. Either way the path to obtaining unconditional ladylikeness is well paved. It does however require more than saying "please" and "thank you", chewing with your mouth closed, and showing up...bathed. Properness, politeness, poise and presicion - beseech commitment, covenance and consideration. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor was the formal fem - but once accomplished both entities glisten like a rare gem. Our modern mayhem has sadly done away with such finishing tutelage - and thus exercising etiquette of any kind is no longer the average. A travesty indeed - the female set will soon resemble a flock of sheep! A thriving woman requires more than painted nails and common sensed politeness. She cuts a polished silhouette, she's admiral in her pursuits, proficiently polite and foaming over with enlightened ladylikeness. 

GET ON THE TRAIN, ELAIN!! Let's all make an effort to up our etiquette game!


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