Little Miss AWESOME



Oh, HELLO there little Miss Awesome!! You sprung up so swift and sweetly, like that of a spring floral blossom. And with your fantastical swerve, you simply skiddly-doo, you RANGA-LANGA-DANG-Dong, thanks to the bells upon your shoe!  A sweet little Miss such as you can only be found far + wide, galloping, grooving, easy breezy, always satisfied and preoccupied.  A free spirited little with light and wisdom beyond her years - a fashion sense that, when fully taken in, would bring a grown MRS to tears. Her AWESOMENESS oozes from her head unto her toe - she's the sweet darling, you'd all be so lucky to know. Selfless and kind, with a heart much bigger than mine - she dances through life with an intoxicating spirit that's so insanely divine. "Awesome" doesn't really cut it - and, for the record... she'd NEVER be above it. It's just, she's little Miss EVERYTHING, and as her mama... I just LOVE it!!

 And her most prized possessions are as follows:

1. Sons + Daughters HONEY Sunglasses / 2. Flower + Bobbi's / 3. NATTY flounce-sleeve frock / 4. Jcrew Fringe Flower Necklace / 5. Zuzii pink stripe oxford Shoes (bells not included)



Mr. Spring 2015


When it's 2015 and the season is SPRING, you bet your bottom dollar my MR's closet is in full swing! He's one for the sun, a hot toasted bun + when the warm weather comes, I'll be the first to admit he's fashionably UN-done. Thus awakens my place, as the level-headed grace that'll pull him from the dull underground + back on pace. And for those wives who are with me, join in on the fun - together we'll fabulously dress our hubbies for the SUN!


MRS. Spring Savior

Radical: Button-Up / Chino Shorts

Casual: Tee / Shorts

Totally Fantastical 'Fit

Masculinely Masterful: Sunnies / Sandals


Mrs. Bucket List



It doesn't matter who you are, or what you do - we've all got bucket lists, this I know to be true! Whether for hoarding, storing, or for hiding things your totally ignoring - there's buckets that need filling, and lucky for you I've done the sourcing! What ever your need, hope, obligation or dream - the above bucket smattering is sure to fulfill your deepest bucket filling scheme! Take it from me, I'm the bucket filling QUEEN!!

Picker's Bucket / Fabric Bucket / Wire Bucket / Cookie Bucket / Baby-Pool Bucket / Fire Bucket / Wheelie Bucket / Storage Bucket


Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail


For some it's liquid libations + for others it's a cultural celebration. Whatever the purpose may be today, I say cheers to you in my MRS. way! If you're down for the cause + in for the count, grab your fancy glasses and prepare for the tongue-tickling dismount. BEHOLD a recipe from my book #2, it's the Mrs. Grasshopper Cocktail - go on and indulge like we good gals do....


Here's a real crowd pleaser - a frozen cocktail to whip up at your leisure! Straight from my Mrs. Lilien's Dessert Cocktail Swatchbook - and upon first sip, this frosty treat will have you on the hook! It's utterly ideal for a St. Patty's day libation - and by far a crowning choco-mint-tail innovation. It's not all that fussy, and rather easy to make - and thanks to the VODKA, it becomes an intoxicating drank!! So, go on and bust out that blender - tomorrow's St. Patty's day, and deserving of a boozy bender!



August Morgan Cocktail Napkins

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