MRS. Spring '16



From the HIGH to the low, from the grandeur to the casual-nouveau - Spring '16 had me whirling and twirling and left me with a thrilling glow! Here in Hawaii, we basically bypass fall and winter - so while y'all are winter vortex-ing - I'll be frolicking amidst the tropical beach, with a deliciously tanned shimmer. Needless to say I'm loving these summer silhouettes - each and every one would look fabs-lish even amidst the Hawaiian winter sweats! A girls gotta gown it up and have a bevy of breezy frocks - she's gotta be stocked and equipped with piles of flip flops! So, take note now on what you can expect to see - what I'll be donning while the rest of you freeze! EEK!



Karen Walker, Hollywood Poolside Sunglasses / Roksanda, Multi Eden dress / Trina Turk Caftan / Mara Hoffman Maxi Dress / Frank & Eileen, Mary shirt dress / Karen Walker denim shift / Mara Hoffman, Striped Jumper / Carolina Herrera, Resort Gown


For the Love of Lav + all things FAB!!



When you live in the TROPICS, fall just doesn't exist! You can browse, ooh and awe, but your can't justify a boot or a coat... you get a little pissed. BUT, to my delighted surprise, a new hue emerged leaving me hopeful and mesmerized. LAV-EN-DER, congratulations on becoming fall's little darling. Unexpected on all accounts, I find you fresh, bewitching and utterly charming! Unlike the snoozy jewel tones so common this time of year - you bring a vibrancy and freshness, a new true fall hue pioneer! Needless to say I'm OBSESSED! Not only does your native aroma help me de-stress, but your attendance this season has left me joyfully skipping + utterly impressed. From my hand soap to my sharpies, and my sunnies to clutches - I've welcomed you a poised smile and a bow à la duchess! And if that wasn't enough, the new Kate Spade book All in Good Taste - Saturated in lavender (of course!) features a valuable juxtaposition between the fictional Mrs. Dalloway VS MRS LILIEN (you know, me) and our party prep parade. Friends, this is the kind of life wisdom one cannot put a price upon. The richness of topic, from honing your inner hostess, to candying the perfect pecan, and charming the swankiest of swans is worth every penny from a good pawn! 

So, here you have it, my glorious glee surrounding fall's lavender embrace -- and not to mention my fabulous feature in the latest book of life from THE KATE SPADE!

Hoorah for all things lav + the fact that it's HAPPY and FAB!!



Kate Spade, All In Good Taste Book / Loeffler Randall Lou Pointy Toe Flats / Lavender Sharpie / Karen Walker Universe Frock / Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch / Carelle Rose de France Cocktail Ring / Mrs. Meyers Lavender Hand soap / Dolce + Gabana Sunnies


Nightly Lulling Rituals



Whilst one is convalescing, sleep becomes numero uno! Gone are the long nights logged in my MRS studio. I've grown quite fond of my senior citizen routine; dinner at 5:30 and bedtime at 8:15! What I've done to make it extra special is I've made myself a lovely night time ritual. First I take my nigh-night medication, and sip them down with room temp tea - then I draw myself a luke warm tubby filled with coconut bath soak reserved JUST for me! When I'm all soaked out, I let myself air dry and light an intoxicating candle - I take my time to saturate my body with mists, oils, and serums galore as much as I can handle. Then I slip into a succulent pair of jammies and plug into my latest listen. I'm not much of a reader, but boy do I love being read to like most children. I keep my sleeping essentials top notch, for a person's bed is their sanctuary. Only the best will do, and yes, splurge because it's necessary! Upon waking up, I always feel reseted and fresh as a daisy - it makes the new day ahead feel a lot less crazy!

I hope at some point this weekend you give a few of my rituals a try. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy every indulgent of this lullaby.



Herbivore Coconut Bath Soak / Love + Roses Beauty Mist / Mermaid Body Oil / HI Wildflower Botanica, Blooms on the Lanai Candle / Yoobi Headphones / The Sleep Shirt Jammie Set / Parachute Bedding, Venice Sheet Set / The LEESA Mattress




When all else fails, throw a tassel on it! Preferably one with charisma + an enviably high-spirited enigma. Whomever said inanimate objects can't speak for themselves - I firm fistedly oppose!!! My stance is unyielding + THIS is how it goes... 


EVERY object you own should bring forth copious amounts of joy. We all know this, yes? If not, then it'd be my highest recommendation to engage + employ. Here's the thing - what if an object we once loved is beginning to lose it's ever-joyous bling?! That's where the chains come in - the chains of LOVE... they will solve this very problem and it'll feel something like a highly intoxicating hug. So ditch the drink + choose your friend and you're one step closer to a blingless bag on the mend!


SOPHIE HULME star eyes X SOPHIE HULME flower power X ANYA HINDMARCH traffic cone X SOPHIE HULME mrs. jones X FENDI crystal crocodile X SOPHIE HULME squid tassel 

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