Mrs. Robinson



Here's to Mrs. Robinson, you know that scandalous old salt?! She must adhere to an abysmal beauty regime, and to a fault! She's got some miles on her, there's no doubt about it - and with her youth hanging in the balance, she'd fall victim to a hoary state without it! Whilst she staunchly "washes that gray right outta her hair" - she works double time to keep a varicose vein situation from spoiling a good affair. As necessary as a habitual nightly ciggie - a daily dose of revitalizing Vim & Vigor, let's face it, in't no biggie! 

What's that you say Mrs. Robinson? Yes!! You must enshrine your dwindling collagen. Sometimes the reflection in the mirror isn't what she wants to see - but, at the end of the day this smitten alley kitten really is a bonafide retiree!



January Pinterest


All it takes is a singular type, swipe + perusal to make up your mind about your fellow Pinterest users. The basics are aesthetic, frequency + fabbiness - and I'm here to shed light on why MINE will make you the utter happiest. If your head is in the dumps and your day is just plain shitt√©, search up your old MRS on Pinterest + peruse her digital hallway! Although the content be not mine, I pride myself on each and every brilliant find. I am, in fact, the one who clicked, pinned + saved, so follow my lead and be on your way!

Peruse my board selection, here! (There's 110 of them). Below are a few of-the-moment faves:


Winter Yachting


When the winds start brewing and the city lights shine bright, you can find me trotting along the island bay when the day turns to night. Boozing + shmoozing with the highest of the highs and getting absolutely, positively socialized. Eyes out for the MRS who's packed aboard where laughter echoes and endless booze is stored!

So here's to all you ladies looking for a nighttime hobby - for the fabby, the fun and an occasional snobby! 

Marni Tunic / Crepe Blazer / Canary Clutch / Jimmy Choo Suede Pumps / Striking Gold Clip-ons


Frock it then Stock It


That's how it goes, right... You frock, then you stock?

I'm here to assist in both departments, for frocking requires a peculiar involvement which requires the fabbiest of midcentury compartments. Dread no longer, your MRS has you covered - I'm revealing the hidden gems that you have yet to discover. Every frock deserves it's pretty place, a coveted drawer bearing the prettiest, wooden face.

Go for it. I'm right alongside you.


Frocks: First / Second / Third

Stocks: First / Second / Third / Bottom

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